5 Ways to Teach Your Child to be a Good Sport

Sportsmanship is a very important character to possess. Winning is not everything. All kids need to learn that. And as parents, it is your responsibility to teach them that.The first step is to set to set an example for them. When you accompany them for any sporting event, display good sign of sportsmanship.

Here are 5 ways to teach your child to be a ‘good sport’:

  • Cheer for both teams-Cheer for both teams, no matter whichever side you are on. You should show your kids that whoever plays well deserves to be applauded. Don’t just cheer for your own child as it sends the wrong signals to them.Stand up, shout and cheer for all the kids who play so that you make them realize that games are played for fun and it’s not about winning or losing.
  • Talk to the kids and parents of the losing team-Your kid’s team might have won the match, but then it is definitely not a crime to talk and congratulate the kids and parents of the losing. At the end of the day, they are also kids like yours and they also put in the same effort to play. The parents of the losing team are no doubt disappointed and they will feel really happy to receive your congratulations.Do not give your child the image that the opposite team is not ‘the enemy’.
  • Talk to your child about playing as a team-Explain to your child the importance of a team and how he should respect his coach and all the other members on his team. Encourage him to respect the opposition team members and that any action of his is a reflection of his team and that in a team sport, he is judged as a team.
  • Watch sports on television-Watch a team sport on television and point out good and bad examples set out by the players. Discuss with your child what is right thing to be done and what is not.
  • Appreciate display of sportsmanship-If your child has shown any sign of being a good sport, point it out and appreciate it. Such appreciation will encourage and motivate him to repeat signs of good sportsmanship.

Good sportsmanship is not just essential to play sports, but also helps prepare your child for situations that may arise in the future, good or bad.