5 Ways to Unclog Your Sink

No matter how hard we try, certain solid particles do slip into the drain, especially in the kitchen skin. A blogged drain can be really annoying, all the more when you are washing dishes one by one.Calling the plumber is always an option. But then when you can do it yourself and also help you save a few extra dollars in your wallet then why should we resort to third party help?

Next time your sink overflows or the water takes time to drain follow these simple steps:

  1. Hot water-Pour hot water down the sink. If the clog is not too stubborn, it can dislodge whatever muck that is blocking the drain pipe.
  2. Wire hanger-Cut a wire hanger to form a long stick. Poke into the sink with this wire hanger and try to unblock whatever is stuck downwards.
  3. Cola-We have all heard how corrosive cola can be. So pour a bottle down the sink instead of downing one yourself and see how fast your drain gets unclogged.
  4. Vinegar and baking soda-Push a couple of tablespoons of baking soda down the drain. Let that sit for a few minutes. Then pour a mug of vinegar and allow these chemicals to react. After an hour pour water to get the dirt dislodged.
  5. Baking soda and salt-Stuff your drain hole with salt and baking soda. Pour hot water down the drain. The hot water combined with the other two causes a chemical reaction that can unclog the worst drain blockages.

Now that you are equipped with natural remedies to unclog a sink you need not call the plumber for such a minor problem.