5 Mistakes made when ironing clothes

An iron is an essential piece of equipment to get our clothes free of creases. We sometimes ruin our clothes due to some mistakes that we make while ironing.

Here are some common mistakes that we make with the iron:

1. Cranking up the heat

Some fabrics can get burnt with the heat of the iron. When ironing delicate clothing start with a low temperature then move on to a higher temperature if required.

2. Not cleaning your iron

The base of your iron can get dirty with all the starch and other mineral residue from the water in the iron. Use an iron base cleaner or use can use something as paste made of baking soda and water.

3. Not emptying the water

Always empty the water tank of the iron before you store it away after ironing. Water can damage the internal mechanisms and can even cause mineral deposits and discoloration at the base.

4. Ironing fabrics that are too dry

Cottons suffer from a lot of creases. We iron them to get the creases out. But what we don’t realize is that when the fabric is totally dry the creases won’t totally come out. Damp the cloth slightly with the pray in the iron. For those stubborn creases you can use the steam option in iron for a perfect finish.

5. Ironing your delicate clothing last

Always start ironing your delicate clothing first at a low temperature and then move on to the cottons so that you can gradually crank up the temperature of the iron.

So keep your clothes safe while ironing by avoiding these commonly made mistakes.