tips to avoid backache during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in the life of a woman who are the chosen few being blessed with the boon to have a baby. Though, the idea of becoming a mother is great which fills a woman with a lot of love and joy, the process makes a woman go through a lot of trials and tribulations. Pregnant women have to go through a lot of pain and discomfort. Back pain is one of the commonest problems faced by women who are pregnant. Though suffering from this problem during pregnancy is not at all surprising, it still deserves a lot of attention. There are various ways through which this pain can be avoided.

Some of the common tips that help in avoiding back pain during pregnancy are-

Sitting in a good posture

It is very important for the pregnant women to sit in a proper posture. As the baby starts developing and growing inside the womb of the mother, her gravity center shifts in the front. In order to avoid falling, the woman has to lean back so as to compensate. This can result in straining lower back muscles which leads to severe back pain among pregnant women. The good posture principles need to be kept in mind when pregnant. Some of these principles are-

  • Women must stand tall and straight.
  • She must hold her chest high.
  • Shoulders must be kept back in a relaxed positioned.
  • Avoiding locking knees.

When a woman stands, she must use a stance which is comfortably wide stance as it will give her good support. In case, she has to stand for a longer period of time, she can rest one foot on a stool which is low step and take frequent breaks from standing. She must be very careful while sitting. The back must be straight supported by the back of the chair. A tiny pillow can also be used at the back to offer a firm support. Feet can also be propped on a low step stool.

Wear right gear-A pregnant woman must avoid wearing high heels. Instead she can wear low heeled shoes as they will offer good support to the arches. These days, maternity support belts are also available in the market which offers additional support to the women. When this support is available, a pregnant woman will not have to strain her lower back unnecessarily.

Lifting objects in a proper way-A pregnant woman must not bend until very necessary. If she has to bend, she must squat down and lift objects. She must avoid lifting heavy objects. Waist must never be bet for lifting objects. She must understand her limits and do any lifting work accordingly.

Sleeping on the side-While sleeping also, a woman needs to take care of her posture. She must sleep on her side with both or one knees bent. She can also use a support pillow which can be placed between bent knees below the abdomen or at the back for additional support.It is very common to see pregnant women suffering from back pain as at this time, a woman is gaining weight, her gravity center shifts and hormones results in ligaments of the pelvic muscles relaxing.

The above mentioned tips can help a lot in easing backache during pregnancy.