10 tricks to make the perfect pie crust

All festive occasions call for pies. But there are a certain tricks and tips that help you get that wonderful golden flakey crust. All times favorites like pumpkin and berry pies can be made yummier with a perfect crust. A perfect crust is flaky, golden and buttery in flavor.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to get that perfect pie crust.

1. Cold ingredients

Use cold ingredients to make the crust. When you use cold fat, it melts in the oven and creates air pockets that make it soft and flaky.

2. Sting on the water

Water in short crust pastry should be used minimally. Pour drop by drop. Too much water in a pie crust can make it dense and hard.

3. Acid

Use some form of acid in the crust to make it soft. For example replace a few drops of water with lemon juice or vinegar. The acidity is said to reduce the chances of gluten growing and make the crust soft and tender.

4. Don’t touch it too much

Pastry dough for a pie is extremely sensitive. You should avoid touching it as much as possible. The reasons to stop you from touching the dough is the heat in your hands encourages the growth of gluten and even the excessive stretching and molding will make the dough tough and make it seize.

5. Chill before rolling out

When the pastry dough is formed, you should allow it to rest in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. This process allows the existing gluten to rest and makes rolling out easier.

6. Rolling

Roll the dough between two parchments of butter paper so that the delicate pastry does dough does not easily break and is easier to place in the pie dish.

7. Steam vents

Don’t forget to pierce the pastry before it is being placed in the oven. This will allow the steam to release and prevent the pastry of the pie from getting soggy.

8. Shine

For your pie to have a shiny and glazed look, brush on some wash make from egg white and a dash of cream.

9. Temperature

Pies should be cooked at a high temperature. If it is cooked at a low temperature, it will combine with the juices of the filling and become like a pudding.

Start baking at a high temperature of about 450 degrees Fahrenheit and after 20-30 minutes you can reduce the temperature to a lower degree. Remember to put it in the oven only till the oven is at a high temperature.

10. Browning

Sometimes the pie crust can get burnt at certain places due to the high temperature and uneven baking. So cover the crust in the last few minutes in the oven to prevent burnt and scorched areas.

So now you can follow these tips and tricks to master the art of making pie crusts.