Sleep is the rest you give your body to prepare and heal itself for functioning the next day with altered consciousness. It is essential to give your body a rest to function efficiently. Several factors can prevent your body from going through its resting routine. What are the five ways to have a better sleep? Read along to get tips to sleep better.

  • Day naps in check

The afternoon naps after a hefty meal might feel heavenly, but they will impact your sleep during the night. The power naps you take might help in providing some energy. But, prolonged naps during the day might alter your sleep pattern, making it difficult to sleep during the night. Hence, long naps can disrupt your body clock.

  • Caffeine away by the end of the day

Caffeine keeps you awake and energized. The stimulation in the nervous system increases with caffeine intake. It will help to keep you going throughout the day but keep it away after sunset. Caffeine resists the production of adenosine, a sleep-inducing hormone that is the reason for the body to stay active. If you want to sleep tight all night, avoid consuming caffeine 6 hours before bedtime. If you feel like having some beverages with caffeine, try having them in a decaffeinated version.

  • Warm showers

A warm shower can help with better sleep. Studies show that taking a shower one to two hours before bed can help you sleep better and fall asleep more quickly. The warm showers will help to lower your body temperature at its core, regulate your body clock, and indicate that it is bedtime. It also helps increase the production of melatonin, which plays an essential role in the body’s sleep-wake pattern.

  • Worries for the day

Sleep quality suffers when you are under excessive stress and worry. Insomnia is a frequent visitor because the mind is constantly racing, and there isn’t enough calm to let one fall asleep. Tune your mind in such a way that once the lights go off, things that will make you anxious or stir up negative emotions won’t enter your head. Yes, it might be challenging to push aside persistent thoughts and anxieties, but remind yourself that if you don’t, you’ll end up with more worries for the day. Sleep is your escape space to get away from reality as well.

 Peace of mind is an essential sleeping factor. Remember to keep it intact.

  • Keen Screen time 

You might start with a series and have the urge to watch all the episodes and complete a season the night you started, or till your eyes turn watery resisting sleep. It will affect your sleep pattern and body clock. Try not to fall prey to the blue light and restrict your time with the screen. Our eyes are glued to screens most of the day. But, when it is your bedtime, ensure not to retain that.

These sleeping tips and tricks will assist, and you will get a good night’s sleep. 

The lack of the required amount of sleep will lead to other physical complications and will impact the body’s mechanisms. Try out our tips to sleep better, if your sleep patterns are disturbing, or unable to fall asleep.

Sleep tight! Stay healthy!