10 Ways to Flatter your Figure

All of us want to look thin and possess a svelte figure. It is an art to make your stricture appear flattering, especially if you are on the heavier side.

Here are 10 ways to flatter your figure:

1. The right bra

The right bra makes a lot of difference to a figure. It should provide the right amount of support and hold it the right way. The spacing also makes a lot of difference to the look.

2. Hemlines

To make your legs look sexy and right, allow hemlines to rest just above or just below the knee.

3. Big bum

If you want hide that big bum of yours try to wear jeans with straight and wide pockets that reduce the gap between the pockets and make your bum appear smaller.

4. Collar

Flaunt your collarbone by wearing a shirt with it opened at the collar. A collarbone is sensual and makes any woman look elegant.

5. Color code your body

Use darker color in areas where you want to downplay and lighter colors in the areas where you want to highlight.

6. Long legs

To give others the appearance of having endless flowing legs, wear skin colored heels.

7. Structured silhouettes

Choose to wear structured fitted clothes that hold that fat in and in the right shape.

8. No harm in wearing diagonals

When you think of diagonal do not automatically assume diagonal stripes. You can try a varied diagonals ranging from wrap dresses, chevron prints and asymmetrical hemlines. A downward sloping angle can make you look slimmer.

9. Monochromatically

Dress in a single color from top to toe. It makes you look slimmer.

10. Prints

Size the prints on the clothing based on your frame size. The larger the frame, the larger the print and vice versa.

So follow these tips to get yourself looking slimmer and svelte.