Maintaining kitchen vessels is one of the most challenging tasks one can ever face. The dirt, rust, stain, and whatnot? Cleaning these pans takes a lot of effort as improper maintenance can lead to undesirable cooking results—especially when it comes to a burnt pan. 

One ends up getting a burnt pan due to leaving the cooking food unattended, heating milk for too long, or other factors. Not to mention trying out new recipes that end up becoming a disaster. But fear not, there are some ways for effective burnt vessel cleaning that can remove all the burnt stains from your pan, making it look new! Here are some burnt pan cleaning hacks for you!

How to clean a burnt pan without baking soda?

It is often advised to stay away from baking soda when it comes to burnt vessel cleaning. The components present in baking soda tend to react with aluminum (if present in the utensil). The reaction would cause some undesirable effects while using the pan next time for cooking. Some of the best burnt pan cleaning hacks without baking soda are:

  • Burnt vessel cleaning with salt
  • Burnt vessel cleaning with vinegar
  • Burnt vessel cleaning with lemon
  • Burnt vessel cleaning with soda

How to clean a burnt pan with salt?

Salt is a good option and a good burnt pan cleaning hacks. It helps scrub out the stains with ease, saving one from the misery of burnt vessel cleaning. The salt, when combined with lemon gives a better result in cleaning the vessel.

How to clean a burnt pan with salt and vinegar?

In addition to salt, which is already a good option for burnt vessel cleaning, vinegar would also give great results. Add water and little vinegar to the burnt pan and heat it. Then scrub the pan with salt for easy cleaning.

How to clean a burnt pan with bicarbonate of soda?

Even though baking soda is not a good option for cleaning aluminum vessels, one can use it for burnt vessel cleaning that does not contain the element. Add baking soda to the hot burnt pan and let it cool. Scrub the pan vigorously and then wash it once the stains are cleared.

How to clean a burnt pan with lemon?

The acidic components present in lemon contribute to cleaning a burnt pan with ease. Squeeze the juice on the burnt pan and use the lemon to scrub off the burnt part of the vessel.

How to prevent vessels from burning?

While we have several burnt pan cleaning hacks and tips, prevention is always better than cure. So here are some ways where you can save your pan from getting burnt or spoiled. 

  • Make sure to use the ideal burner level so that the food and pan do not overheat
  • Stir the food in the vessel regularly to prevent any burnt residues on the pan. It would also save the food from getting cooked on just one side
  • Try to use at least little oil before adding the ingredients to the pan. This would prevent the food from sticking to the surface