How to choose the right bra?

It is not only important to select pretty clothes, but it also essential to choose the right bra. The key to choosing a bra doesn’t lie in how pretty it is or what color it comes in. Comfort and fir should be the main criteria in selecting the same.

Hazards in choosing the wrong bra range from displaced breast tissue or drooping breasts.So get those underclothes right! Don’t ruin the look of an expensive dress just because you messed up in your bra selection.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right bra:


The key to getting a proper fitted bra is to get your measurements right. Do not take measurements yourself. Instead let someone take them for you.

  1. Determine band size-Band size is the measurement taken just below the breasts and straight across your back and adding 2-3 inches to it.
  2. Determine cup size-Now take measurement of the fullest part of your breasts and subtract the band size from this measurement to get the cup size. Difference of a single inch denotes cup size ‘A’, two inches denotes cup size ‘B’ etc…

No matter what the measurement, trial of the bra is the best judge of what fits you best.


There are lots of styles know in the market today. So how do you which one suits you the best?

Some of the most popular ones are:

  1. Push up bra – Ideal for women who have small breasts, as they make the breasts look fuller.
  2. Demi bra – This bra has small underwire, lowered upper coverage and wide shoulder straps. This is ideal for those who want to show a heavy cleavage.
  3. T-shirt bra – This is seamless and can be easily worn on clingy clothes and t-shirts without being visible. It can even hide conical shaped breasts and comfortable for daily use.
  4. Strapless bra – This works best for those off shoulder dresses and strapless tops. For better support in a strapless bra, choose one that has deep underwires and silicone grip strips.
  5. Wireless bra – Women who has big bosoms should use this, as it gives them full coverage and support. They are very comfortable to use and has a more conservative approach to lingerie.
  6. Plunge bra– To show off a plunging neckline, you can never go wrong wearing a plunge bra.


The bra is not the right fit if:

  1. You breasts are falling out of the cups.
  2. The shoulder straps are causing marks or sliding down.
  3. The back is riding up.The bridge of the bra does not rest on the skin.Invest in a good bra. A good branded one should last you anywhere between nine months to a year.

So, head out to shop for that perfectly fitted bra. Happy shopping!