16 Hair Myths You Need To Stop Believing

There are several hair myths that need to be debunked and stop believing in. The top 16 hair myths that need to be proved wrong with facts are:

  1. Wash hair daily-If hair is washed every day, it results in loss of natural oils present in the scalp. This makes the hair look greasy.
  2.  Plucking grey hair leads to their multiplication-Instead of multiplication, plucking grey hair results in scalp irritation, which is harmful for the scalp.
  3.  Using same shampoo will not work after some time-Bad hair is not the result of the continuous use of same shampoo. The condition of the hair is based on several factors like changing season, food intake and others.
  4.  Frequent trims make hair grow quicker-Frequent trimming does not make the hair grow faster. However, it is necessary for keeping the hair healthy and even preventing damage.
  5.  Using Cold water results in shiny hair-Cold hair does result in shiny hair but usage of cold water should be kept to minimum. Use lukewarm water every week for circulation in hair follicles.
  6.  Lighten hair colour by exposing them to sunlight-Scalp can be sun-burnt due to excessive exposure to harsh sunlight. It dries out the hair follicles resulting in brittle hair.
  7.  Greasy hair do not require conditioning-Excessive production of sebum leads to greasy hair and ultimately oiliness. Instead of conditioner, apply dry shampoo.
  8.  Do not dye hair during pregnancy-During pregnancy, it is necessary to steer clear of harmful chemicals. In order to be safe, avoid dyeing hair during the first trimester.
  9.  Comb hair from top to bottom-Instead of following this, first comb the ends and then brush the hair at the top.
  10.  Natural texture of hair cannot be changed-Instead hair texture changes due to pregnancy, menopause and several other factors.
  11.  Split ends can be cured with products-Dry and brittle hair leads to split ends. Rather than just products, many things are responsible for such condition of hair that should be mended.
  12.  Over-shampooing is good for hair-Shampooing the hair repeatedly is not recommended. Instead, the repetition should be done if hair is not cleansed on first attempt.
  13.  Brush hair 100 times a day-Over brushing the hair results in friction in scalp. This results in cuticle damage and even breakage. Brushing is good, but not over-brushing.
  14.  Tying the hair up will help reduce dandruff-Instead it helps hide dandruff and not reduce it. It is advised to better use anti-dandruff shampoo.
  15.  Hair grows at the same rate for everyone-The growth of hair depends on several factors and it is different for individual cases.
  16. Sleep with hair down to make them breathe-Instead it results in tangles and ultimately leads to hair damage.