Do you double up on your bed in pain during periods? Do you miss a couple of days of college/office because of your monthly cycle? As women, many of us suffer from painful menstrual cycles every month. Owing to our period cramps, we become unable to move or do our daily routines in peace. Added to the hormonal changes taking place in our bodies, menstrual cramps affect us in several ways, which cannot be described in words. Although period cramps cannot be avoided, the pain and discomfort faced during these times can be minimized. So let’s find out how to ease period cramps using certain tips and techniques!

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Types of Period Cramps


Primary dysmenorrhea is a common type of menstrual cramp. These cramps occur when the womb flushes unwanted tissue and blood out of the body. The symptoms of menstrual cramps vary from person to person. Some may have serious abdominal pain, while others may experience lower back pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, bloating, headaches, or loose stools. Prostaglandins are contraction-causing hormones that form in the lining of the uterus and are responsible for menstrual cramps.

Secondary dysmenorrhea is a severe form of menstrual cramp that occurs due to an underlying disease, such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, adenomyosis, abnormal pregnancy, infection, polyps, or tumor in the pelvic cavity.

Tips to Combat Period Cramps

Here are some simple tips to deal with your menstrual cramps. Take a look!

1. Try Massage Therapy


A massage done by a professional relaxes the uterus and also reduces uterine spasms. It would be best to get a gentle massage done in the abdominal or lower back area using coconut oil or any preferred essential oil. A full body massage is also recommended because it reduces overall stress, in addition to providing relief from the menstrual cramps.

Massage therapy also helps ease the pain in women with endometriosis. It is a condition where tissue that resembles the uterus lining grows outside the uterus.

2. Use Heat Therapy


How to ease period cramps using heat? Read on to find out!

Heat can relax the muscles causing period cramps. So apply heat in the abdomen or lower back to ease pain caused by the cramps. Heat also improves blood flow and relieves you from tension during periods. There are various ways to get relief from cramps using heat, some of which are listed below.

  • Make use of a heating pad on the area where you feel the cramps.
  • Keep hot water bags or raw rice-filled bags heated to a mild temperature on the abdomen.
  • Have a relaxing, hot shower.
  • Soak your body in a warm bath. It can also calm the body and let you sleep peacefully at night.

3. Consume Fenugreek Seeds


Fenugreek seeds help reduce bloating (that’s common during periods) and keep your body hydrated. A tablespoon of fenugreek seeds when consumed with warm water relieves abdominal cramps.

Some studies have shown that drinking tea prepared from fenugreek seeds shortens the duration of your menstrual cramps. However, more research needs to be done in this area. Before you include fenugreek in your diet during menstrual cycles, consult your gynecologist, and follow their suggestions. 

4. Use Ginger


If you have the question, “How to ease period cramps at home?” in mind, the best answer would be “By using ginger!” Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that remove toxins from the body. Either add dry ginger powder or a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger to warm water and drink twice a day.

For some women, menstrual cycles are accompanied by stomach upset and nausea. Ginger can help women get relief from these problems too.

5. Try Walking or Mild Exercising


If you are in pain, you might not be motivated to exercise. However, walking for 10-15 minutes or trying mild exercises are found to be beneficial during menstrual cramps. The reason is that any physical activity produces the “feel-good hormones” called endorphins in the body. This makes your mood better by relieving some of the stress. On the whole, mild to moderate physical activity helps you deal with your period cramps better.

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6. Apply Sesame Oil


Sesame oil contains linoleic acid, a natural pain relief compound. It’s also widely known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics. When applied to the lower abdomen, sesame oil gives relief from menstrual cramps.

7. Drink Chamomile Tea


Chamomile tea acts as a natural sedative, which soothes and relaxes your body and mind. This tea is often recommended for women who deal with menstrual pain as well as sleep problems. So drinking chamomile tea helps you sleep through the pain at night. 

8. Consume Pineapple Juice


This blog on how to ease period cramps will not be complete if we don’t mention the juice of the wonder fruit – pineapple. Women experiencing bloating during periods can consume pineapple juice to reduce the bloating. This can minimize the pain caused by menstrual cramps and bloating. The enzyme called, “bromelain,” present in pineapple works wonders for your gut, thereby reducing the pain and discomfort caused by bloating.

9. Have a Glass of Milk


Milk and milk products contain calcium, which is said to ease menstrual cramps. Research done in this area shows that women who took calcium supplements were able to deal better with their cramps. Milk and its products can also help you combat mood swings and fatigue during periods. In addition, a glass of warm milk before bed helps you fall asleep easily!

10. Limit Your Caffeine Intake


Caffeine makes the uterine blood vessels narrower. This results in constriction of the uterus, which makes your period cramps worse. So try avoiding or limiting your caffeine intake during the monthly cycle. However, if you crave your daily cup of coffee, switch over to decaf!

Note: Also avoid salty foods, alcohol, and red meat as much as possible. Minimize your consumption of sugary foods too. All these items can cause excess bleeding and discomfort. 

Now that you know how to ease period cramps using our simple tips, look at some comfort foods you can eat during periods!

Best Period Comfort Foods


Comfort Foods How Do They Help?
Salmon Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contains vitamin B6, which helps with breast tenderness during periods
Leafy Greens Kale and spinach combat iron loss due to excessive bleeding
Bananas Rich in potassium and eases constipation
Eggs  Rich in protein and other nutrients that can help reduce period pain
Peanut Butter Unsalted or low-salted peanut butter contains magnesium, which eases bloating

Food Cravings During Periods


Craving certain foods before or during periods is because of the hormonal changes that take place in your body. Every woman has her craving list. Some crave carbs, while others crave coffee. Sometimes, the stress hormone, cortisol, makes them crave fried, fatty, baked, and oily foods.

When to Consult a Doctor?


We hope you found our blog on how to ease period cramps informative and useful. It’s pretty normal to have period cramps. But if they are severe or unbearable, it’s time to consult your gynecologist. They will suggest the tests to be done and the correct course of action to be taken.