Have you ever thought about the top things every woman should tell her gyno? A gynaecologist can be of great help when it comes to the sexual and reproductive health of women. It is often seen that sexual health is one of the most neglected factors especially among women. If neglected for long, such issues can turn grave in future, causing even life-threatening problems. Thus never hesitate to divulge any minute details, however embarrassing you may feel about them, to your gyno. It is good for your health and peace of mind.

Here is a List of 11 Things Every Woman Should Tell Her Gyno

1. Period problems

Missed periods do not always mean pregnancy. There could be more reasons to it than one. Visit your gyno if you have missed your periods and your pregnancy test is negative so that any cause can be diagnosed early. If you are missing periods, say in your 40s, then, visit the doctor to check if it is the onset of menopause.

2. Unusual Period Times

Any type of period problems, be it heavier flow or thinner flow than usual, painful periods or any uneven period issues, do speak to your gyno about it. Neglecting it can mean harm in future.

3. Pregnancy Issues

Be it your readiness to get pregnant or postpone it, do visit your gyno for expert advice. In both cases, the doctor can help so that you do not face any problems in future.

4. Odor Changes

Do not feel embarrassed to tell your gyno about any odor that you have been experiencing from vaginal discharge. It can be an infection, a pH imbalance or even a case of a trapped tampon inside.

5. Details about Medications

Whenever you meet a gyno for any reason, be it for pregnancy-related issues or any other; give details about any medication you must be taking at that point of time, even if the doctor hasn’t asked about it.

6. Sex-Related Queries

An unhealthy sexual relationship between you and your partner can even break your relationship. So discuss with your gyno frankly any sex-related issues you want to discuss. Be it painful sex or any other issues, do let the doctor know.

7. Make Your Gyno Your Counsellor

Be it sexual abuse that you have wanted to speak about to someone or fear of any STDs, your gyno can be of great assistance and help.

8. About Multiple Sexual Partners

If you have had intercourse with multiple partners, and are fearing for something worse, then let your gyno know about it for she can foresee any problem and suggest a solution.

9. Talking about Unprotected Sex

Some STDs can be dormant for years, so if you have had unprotected sex, talk to your gyno about it.

10. Orgasm Issues

Not being able to orgasm can be a sign of many other problems so do visit the doctor to find the cause and remedy.

11. Post-sex Bleeding

It is a serious issue if it is happening frequently. It might be just a minor infection or even a serious cervical issue.