Most teenagers of the modern culture believe that they are completely invincible and are always in search of adventures. Dangerous stunts that were performed under supervision 10-12 years ago are now being attempted by youngsters without taking any precautions. Parents should be well aware of all the hazardous situations their kids can come across because of the explicitly impulsive outgoing attitude as a teenager.

Top Risky Teen Trends 

What are the current dangerous teenage trends? From alcohol consumption to car surfing, there are several teen challenge risks. Let’s have a look at it. 

1. Car Surfing

Car Surfing

Surfing is a water sport in which a surfer uses a surfboard under professional guidance. But, teenagers have replaced this surfboard with standing on car rooftops. They find it adventurous to stand on the trunk or on top of the moving cars, inviting ruthless deaths on their way.

2. Vodka Eyeballing

Teenagers have started pouring vodka directly into their eyes to evade detection in drunken driving cases and breath tests. In this process, the alcohol is mixed in the bloodstream through the absorption process in the mucus membrane. This can cause scarring, burning of the cornea, and blindness at the extremity.

3. Rainbow Party

This party summons a group of girls to perform oral sex on the same guys wearing eclectic shades of lipstick. By the end of the party, guys’ genitals will have varied colors of lipstick shades just like a mimic of a rainbow.

4. Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon Challenge

This challenge consists of swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon. However, it has serious health risks. The person may start to cough and throw up when the cinnamon dries and coats the throat. Cinnamon powder also increases the chance of pneumonia, infection, and collapsed lung. 

5. Salt and Ice Challenge

The salt and ice challenge done by teens results in permanent skin damage. Teens challenge themselves with a mixture of salt and ice against their skin and check how long they can endure the burning sensation. This sensation later results in medical attention. 

6. Charger and Penny Challenge

Most teens don’t know not to stick a fork into a wall socket, yet they find the charger and penny challenge fun. The challenge involves sliding a penny between a loosely connected phone charger. This can lead to electric shock, and sparks, and even cause the entire building to catch fire.

7. Bath Salts

Bath Salts

Bath salts contain a combination of two drugs: mephedrone and MDVP. These drugs cause severe psychosis and hallucinations in consumers who usually inject, snort, or smoke substances. Intense cravings may even lead to death and suicidal thoughts.

8. Customized Smoking

As per online tutorials, a fine powder is obtained by crushing a candy which is then inhaled like smoke puffing the powder at the end of the tube. The activity is harmful, leading to several infections and chronic disorders and so, is claimed as illegal.

How to Spot Signs of Risky Teen Behavior?

How to Spot Signs of Risky Teen Behavior

Teens will try to hide their behavior from adults when they engage in unsafe activities. Look at these signs to identify risky characters in teens. 

  • Unexplained injuries
  • Lost interest in activities 
  • New social circle
  • Checking the devices regularly 

Preventing Teen Suicide Threats: Signs & Strategies

Preventing Teen Suicide Threats

Helping teens make healthy choices in a peer-pressured world is essential. What are the best ways to protect teens from risky behavior? Here are some ways to protect your child from life-threatening hazards. 

  • Parents can educate their children with great resources
  • Open communication about online safety with your teen
  • Talking to teens about dangerous trends
  • Monitor the internet usage of your child 

Hope you have an idea about dangerous teen trends in the USA. Parents must take necessary precautions to avoid risky behavior in teens. Stay involved in your child’s life and make a difference forever.