Roses are one of the most popular and recognizable flowers in the world, and they have been associated with various emotions, sentiments, and meanings for centuries. Different colours of roses have come to symbolise different things, and it is a common practice to use different coloured roses to express various emotions and messages. Here are some of the most common meanings behind different coloured roses.

Red roses – Symbolise love, passion, and respect

red roses

The red rose is a timeless and classic symbol of love and passion. It has been associated with love, desire, and beauty for centuries, making it a popular gift for romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and proposals. The deep red colour is said to symbolise the depth of love and strong emotion. A single red rose can convey love and admiration, while a bouquet of red roses can express deep romantic love. This colour also represents sacrifice and bravery, making it a popular symbol for honouring fallen soldiers. Red roses on Valentine’s Day are a classic and beautiful way to express your love for someone special. Overall, the red rose is a versatile symbol of love, beauty, and strength that continues to captivate people all over the world.

Pink roses – Symbolise gratitude, appreciation, and grace

Pink roses

The pink rose is a symbol of gratitude, appreciation, and grace. It represents a gentle expression of gratitude and thanks, conveying feelings of admiration and appreciation to the recipient. The delicate pink hue is associated with grace, and elegance, making it a popular choice for gifts to express heartfelt sentiments. Pink roses are also a popular choice for thank-you gifts, as well as for celebrations of milestones, and accomplishments. When given as a gift, the rose is a simple but powerful gesture that conveys a heartfelt message of gratitude, appreciation, and admiration. It is the perfect way to show someone that you are thankful for their presence in your life, and that you appreciate all that they do.

Yellow roses – Symbolise friendship, joy, and gladness

Yellow roses

A yellow rose on Valentine’s Day symbolises friendship, joy, and appreciation.  The bright yellow colour of these blooms is often associated with the sun, happiness, and cheer, making them a perfect way to brighten someone’s day. It is a non-romantic gesture, showing that you value someone’s companionship and appreciate their role in your life. Yellow roses can be given to close friends, family members, or someone who is simply important to you and is a way to show them how much they are loved and valued. Yellow roses also symbolise gladness, which is why they are often used in celebration. 

White roses – Symbolise purity, innocence, and sympathy

White roses

White roses are often given as a symbol of respect, admiration, and honour. In a romantic context, white roses represent a fresh start or a new chapter in a relationship. They are also sometimes given as a symbol of remembrance for a loved one who has passed away. When it comes to the interpretation of rose colours in bouquets, white roses on Valentine’s Day are a heartfelt way to show that you hold them in high regard and appreciate their presence in your life.

Orange roses – Symbolise excitement, enthusiasm, and desire

Orange roses

Orange roses are often given to convey feelings of excitement and energy. The bright, bold colour of orange roses represents a zest for life and a desire to embrace new experiences. Orange roses can express a feeling of excitement about a new relationship or can be given as a way to show appreciation for a partner who brings joy and positivity into your life. 

Lavender roses – Symbolise love at first sight, enchantment, and majesty

lavender roses

Lavender roses are mostly given to express feelings of love and adoration and are believed to have a calming and soothing effect. The soft, delicate colour of lavender roses conveys a sense of refinement and grace. Lavender roses can also symbolise a feeling of enchantment and be given as a symbol of admiration for a new love interest. 

Blue roses – Symbolise mystery, impossible, and unattainable love

Blue roses

Blue roses have long been seen as a symbol of the impossible. The scarcity of blue roses makes them rare and highly prized, a metaphor for love that is difficult to obtain or maintain. This symbolism has captured the imagination of poets, writers, and romantics for centuries.

Bottom line

Hope the meanings behind different coloured roses are clear. However, it is worth noting that the symbolic significance of rose colours can vary based on the context and cultural background. These are some of the most common rose colour significance and interpretations, but different cultures may associate different meanings with these blooms.