16 Sep 2019

Category: Beauty

Can eggs make you beautiful

Can eggs make you beautiful 

Can eggs make you beautiful? The answer to this is a definite yes! Eggs are extremely healthy, so much so that they have been referred to as the ‘nature’s health food’. They contain protein, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and choline, which is a not-so-common but effective…

Stay beautiful and young with lemon

Ways to use lemon for your beauty 

The combination of Citrus and Lemon being a small evergreen native Asian tree bears a fruit in yellow colored called Lemon. Lemon is an opulent source of Vitamin C offering you various cosmetic and dietary benefits. There is completely no better alternative for beautifying your…

-Top make up items for girls

Top makeup items for girls 

Every time you have an occasion do you scour through hundreds of various beauty products to look your best? You do not have to own hundreds of things to get that perfect look on a special occasion. Just a handful of makeup items would be…

nail art for stunning nails

Nail art for stunning nails 

Nail art is growing in popularity these days. Not only models and celebrities are opting for this art to make their nails look beautiful and attractive but many other people who wish to sport nice looking nails are visiting professional nail art centers to make…

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