Get a Sun-Kissed Glow with Bronzer

What is a Bronzer?

Bronzer is an essential part of the makeup essentials for many women. Bronzer is a cosmetic which is either in the powder or the liquid form and gives a natural tan to the face. It highlights the cheekbones and cheeks to a level that it contributes to the look. The Bronzer comes in many shades like other cosmetic products do. Most of the common ones are the light, medium and dark shades. Select the shade that is darker than your complexion. Choosing the right bronzer is the technique to look fresh even if you are very tired.

Get a sun kissed glow with the perfect shade is an art. A few steps may help you to get a perfect glow with Bronzer

  • Bronzer mixes well with the skin and the makeup if applied perfectly. It is always advised to apply a moisturizer before putting the makeup. The user should avoid using any heavy and sticky lotions and creams. The liquid foundation is a strict no for all women who wish to use the Bronzer as it will ruin the look. Makeup experts say that women can use either a foundation or a Bronzer, but not both together.
  • Applying the Bronzer with the correct way with the brush is necessary. The brush should be large and fluffy. After the brush is swirled through the Bronzer, remove the extra Bronzer by tapping the brush which removes some extra powder from the brush. This is done to give effect to the areas where the sun can tan parts of your face like the cheekbones, forehead, top of the ears and neck.
  • Check before stepping out that the Bronzer is correctly applied or not. After applying the bronzer, just step into the natural light and check if it is perfectly applied. If it is too heavy, remove excess with a tissue or cotton. The powder can be applied for a very dark Bronzer to tone it down. If you feel that the heaviness of the Bronzer has ruined your looks, then it is better to wash your face, and then start the makeup again. For women, who are concerned about their fresh looks throughout the day, can use a primer or a fashion spray to keep it look longer.
  • Always remember that less is better. Several layers of Bronzer applied on one another can ruin the look but it is very difficult to tone the shade lighter by applying powder. The brush density and the even distribution can also make the makeup look great.
  • Women often get confused to use the Bronzerand blush together, but they can be used together. The colors of the blush will add more light on the face and will look natural.

Bronzer can be a very important part of a woman’s vanity bag, but choosing the right shade for her is the right technique. She needs to take time and understand the right shade for her and should be applied properly to avoid looking fake.