How to keep your toddler busy

- How to keep your toddler busy
Handling a toddler who gets bored becomes very difficult to handle. Every mom looks forward to some fail safe methods that can help her to handle her toddler and keep him or her occupied. There is no need to look for a magician to get a bag of tricks. In order to keep toddlers...

Introducing your boyfriend to your kids requires delicate handling

Introducing your boyfriend to your kids requires delicate handling
Marriage is an institution and people take vows to stay together forever but several times, marriages do not stay intact and disintegrate. Some people wallow in their pain of a broken relationship and some decide to move on. The first step towards promising future is to start dating. It may be possible that they...

Things you should never say to your teenage kids

Things you should never say to your teenage kids
Parenting is a tricky game and it has become more critical and complex when you have teenage kids at home. They are now able to understand everything you speak and everything you do. Often parents have to be very careful when their kids grow up and need to change the way of communicating with...

Tips to find a perfect nanny for your kid

Tips to find a perfect nanny for your kid
A nanny is a caregiver or a caretaker of the kids when the parents are away. Nanny makes the life easier of the mother, especially if she is working. But the process of finding a good nanny is a tough and tiring job. A perfect nanny is one who takes care of children with...

How to teach good manners to preschoolers?

Teach good manners to preschoolers
As a parent, it’s our responsibility to teach our kids good manners. So that at a social event, they can have interactions with other people in a polite way and they can respect their feelings. Though it is not an easy job, but once they grasp it, it will become a part of...

Advantages of being single mother children

Advantages of being single mother children
It is a common view to think about single mothers rearing their young kids with disdain. Despite, single mothers putting in the best of their efforts they have to face a lot of criticisms from all quarters which is quite unfortunate. Many studies have been conducted on this issue and the results reflect positive...

Checklist for knowing if you are spending enough time with your kids

The greatest guilt that most of the working mothers carry is being not able to spend enough time with their kids. Of course, we feel that if we have all other infrastructure set in place, we are providing enough to our kids. But then quality time matters and moms need to really keep a...

Find out if your daughter is suffering from eating disorders!

Daughter suffering from eating disorders
Teenage is a very delicate phase in every child’s life. Suddenly they find themselves at a stage where they are neither considered as a kid nor as grownups. They are quite confused and going through a transition phase. This age is such when they get impressed by other people quite easily. Looks and appearance...

Breast Feeding After Breast Cancer – Is It Safe or Not

Breast Feeding After Breast Cancer is safe or not
Many females who currently have or had breast cancer will have one major question in their mind – whether it is safe to breastfeed or not? The general answer is that it is completely safe to breastfeed till the time one is presently being treated with hormonal therapy or chemotherapy or double mastectomy. In...

Want to help your kid to handle bullying

Want to help my kid to handle bullying
Bullying is a worldwide concern today for all parents. In schools and colleges, kids tease each other. This is a normal scenario everywhere. When this teasing is playful and friendly, everyone finds it funny and no one is upset. The problem arises when the teasing becomes constant, hurtful and crosses a line. Bullying can...

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