Importance of making toddlers independent

We are living in decade of fast change and coming decades are even going to be more tough, competitive, stressful and hence the present small age generation upbringing shall be in such way that they are able to sustain on the future fast-paced age. Life will be hectic but they should not curse their growing up time .So, one of the key steps is to make them independent in some aspect while they move from their early age towards adulthood. Here Independent the word may sound little fussy for a child but it does mean of  keeping eyes off from children, but show them the right path for adaptability and sustainability to be a good future citizen. We need to make toddles independent in term of living life self sufficiently , take the decision of their own however we should not expect to get a relief from our responsibility of taking good care for their diet and health, help to learn them right and wrong  and study for their better future purpose. But it shall be made clear that entering in their small arena would not be a right choice and we shall chalk some point on these do and don’ts.

How to make a child independent?

We need to make our household arrangement safe. Instead of restricting a child from roaming anywhere and touching anything it is better to keep away things which may cause harm to them. Otherwise stopping them from any small thing from early age would create a boundary limit inside their mind. We should allow them sometime for taking lead, be it selecting dress or carrying a Tiffin box for their school, it will boost up their confidence. If they get a stuck from that let it be, they will find corrective action of their own. Just what we need is to watch that their health should not be damage. We should try to make a habit of performing a job by their own and allow them to reach to an end if that take several chance then also. Child does pick up things if it is demonstrated slowly, little methodical way. So we can do the same in front of them. If we are doing regular household job like dusting, cleaning, folding clothes etc. then allow them take a part in that whatever way they can. That will teach them of doing household works independently in disciplined manner and prohibit the habit of thinking these works as burden. They may create some disorder but we need to be patient and should not separate from participation.

Another important step is to move away the separation anxiety. Even when we are going out but not carrying him/her the situation should be casual so that it is easy to calm down the fear of the little boy or girl. Very worried feeling while keeping alone shall not be expressed. Also we need to allow them what they like to do most in education field also. Painting or sports are no longer less career friendly option now. Only thing is to look that whether they involve whole heartedly or not. Moving away during a summer camp or school trip should not be very tense situation. We need to warn the children about but should not create a phobia.

Independent upbringing not only makes them less fearful but also makes them strong enough to face situations in their future life.