Prepare your daughter for her first menstruation

Your daughter who has hit her teens is likely to get her periods sooner or later. Being a mom, you might feel a bit awkward to broach the subject and educate her on the same.

So how do we really prepare our little one for the changes that she will experience soon in her body?Puberty is a very difficult stage for most adolescents and it becomes your duty to make this phase of life easier for her.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your daughter for her menstruation:

  1. Start talking early-Do not delay the discussion of menstruation for too long. Talk about menstruation depending on the age of your child. Your daughter is going to find out sooner or later that she has to go through a lot of stuff to blossom into a young woman.
  2. Talk and respond based on the ageIf your daughter comes up and asks you a question about sanitary napkins or even periods, do not turn her away without an answer. No matter what the age of your child is, explain the concept to her based on her age group. You can be brief and non-descriptive, but definitely not evasive.
  3. Try to teach practically-Look for moments in your daily life where you can naturally bring up the topic of menstruation, without it sounding too awkward and educate them about the same.For example you can bring up the topic when you both are watching TV and suddenly an advertisement pops up on sanitary napkins. You can’t ask for a better moment than that.
  4. Help and understand your child-The stage of puberty is a very trying phase for your child. A lot of physical changes are taking place in her body. She might be feeling embarrassed about the increase in size of her breasts or even the hair sprouting everywhere. Talk to her about it and make her feel better by talking to her about your own personal experiences when you got your periods.You can tell her how and where you got your period first and how you dealt with the situation. Don’t ignore her feelings. The more you talk to her and educate her, the more confident she will feel and she will also feel more comfortable in approaching you.

Don’t worry too much. Menstruation is a natural phase of life and your daughter will also get adjusted to the fact sooner than you can imagine. You can make it easier for her by educating her on the same and even discussing unasked questions.