Feng Shui Tips for the Front Door of your House

Feng Shui is an ancient form of philosophy or laws that is said to harmonize and channel the energy around us. According to Feng Shui there is negative energy as well as positive energy and that we should arrange and position and also create surroundings that will not disrupt the natural flow of energy around...

5 Tricks to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

5 Tricks to make fresh flowers last longer
Flowers are a great way to decorate a room. Apart from lending a great appearance to the room, they also give a wonderful fragrance that takes to another place altogether. Fresh flowers are great. But once they are cut to be used for improving the decor they lose their life. Fresh flowers will last for...

6 Fun ways to Adorn your Blank Walls

Are you tired of staring at a blank boring wall? If yes, then try out some of these fun ways to make your bare walls look more interesting: 1. Frame a few scarfs If you have travelled anywhere and picked up any scarfs or shawls, then use them to decorate not just your neck but also...

7 Ways you are Damaging your Towels

7 Ways you are damaging your towels
Towels are an indispensable part of our daily lives. We cannot imagine taking a shower without one. Yet are we taking as much care as we should in their day to day maintenance? Here are some mistakes that we are making in maintaining them: 1. Hanging them up doubled up When we hang towels, we should make...

How to Make Nail Polish at Home

Have you often scouted the market for a shade of nail polish that matches your dress? Don’t fret. You can make the desired shade of nail polish with just a few simple ingredients. Here’s what you need: Eye shadow – of the desired color Sandwich bag Small mixing bowl Brush Clear nail polish How to make nail polish at home: If your eye...

Secrets to maintain the Brightness and Life of your Bed Linen

  We all love to sleep in bed linen that feels and looks luxurious. The ones that we sleep in at fancy hotels are to die for. You also can enjoy using such linen at your home. All you need to do is maintain your bed linen in the condition that you buy it from...

4 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger
A lot of us live in matchbox size apartments. We all want our homes to appear larger than they actually are. So how do we actually manage to do this? 1. Curtains Curtains are a tricky accessory. If used right then they can create illusions the way you want. To give the illusion of longer walls,...

5 Ways to make the most of the space below your sink

5 Ways to make the most of the space below your sink
A lot of us hate the place below our sinks. They turn us off with all the pipe lines and its dinginess. Most of us stock our cleaning supplies and other junk in this place. Out of all the spaces in the house I’m sure that the space below the sink is the most...

10 Things in your House that you need to Get Rid of

  We are constantly looking of ways to clean our house and throw out our old stuff that we do not use anymore. We sort through our wardrobes, the garage and even attic. But we often tend to overlook certain objects that are actually creating a clutter in our homes. Some of them you tend...

8 Unusual Uses of the Safety Pin

Forget all about the age old use of safety pins that is to attach two pieces of cloth together. I’ve put together some unusual simple uses of this tiny wonder. 1.Keep pairs of socks together Do you often find one sock missing when you need to wear it as a pair? Then this is the solution...

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