Women always had a challenge between choosing whether to stay at home or go to work when they have kids. They often get torn between these responsibilities and want the best of both the options. The world has changed and brought different options for women today and it is an option to work from home. However does it mean that work-from-home moms do not face the same challenges as working women? They do and much more than a person who works in an office. You may be shocked to know this because you tend to think that a woman can watch her kids and work and earn as well.  Working from home means you are being two people at the same time and it is lot more challenging.

Some challenges of being a work from home Mom


  1. Working from home does not mean that you are not a professional. Also people who expect a person to work from home also expect degrees of professionalism from them. If you have kids and dogs yelling in the background you will create the wrong impression. Nobody on the other end of the line likes to think that they have called a zoo. You need to maintain an office like environment at home too.
  2. To beat this, establish your own office space within your home where nobody can disturb you.


  1. Running to tend to kids frequently will not give a good impression either. Kids are very demanding when they have their mom around. They always need something or the other and even if they don’t need they will make up something. Frequent disturbances while working will decrease your productivity.
  2. To beat this, establish strict working hours where your kids needs are also met. Tell your clients in advance about the timings you can work and make sure you adhere to them.

Get help

  1. Kids cannot be left alone even if you are working from home and are available full time. Kids create a lot of emergencies when not looked after. No matter in what profession you are you need to work with concentration and in a timely fashion.
  2. To beat this, enroll your kids in some activity based programs during your busiest hours of the day. Also get help of a baby sitter if possible.

Take your breaks

  1. Taking a break doesn’t mean that you run to your kids in break time. This will only leave you frustrated. When you are not working you will be working for your kids. This makes working from home even a bigger challenging task. Women make this mistake and end up feeling tired by the end of the day.
  2. To beat this, take your break by taking time for yourself. Have a cup of coffee or read a book but spend time alone.

Working from home can be easy if it is planned well. As a work from home mom you will need to plan your work day ahead. Making plans is not enough and you have to stick to them as well.