work after baby

Back to work after baby

Just imagine how a child feels when he is asked to face the outside world all alone. A world to which he is completely oblivious, a world which is sometimes strewn with flowers and at others adorned with thorns. He is obviously supposed to feel a little weak, a lot more scared and way too uncertain.

Juxtaposing the same or rather upgraded feelings and emotions to a woman who has recently been promoted to a role more challenging than life itself – a ‘mother’ , she is bound to face a confidence cut which she so naturally otherwise used to carry with her at work. Guilt is usually born with the realization that she will now be shouldering responsibility with a foreign help. Her heart skips a beat with the thought of being away from her infant for more than 8 hours which seems synonymous to 8 years.

Even she has got accustomed to that homely feeling where time which had once become her best friend broke up due to the intervention of work. Now, time has started taking revenge by travelling at a lightning speed.Juggling with her baby and work every hour seems to pass like second.

Try out these simple tips to organize your schedule in a proper formal

  • Just relax, try out the new routine much in advance the earlier you start the earlier you will get used to it and the easier will it be to balance both the child and work.
  • Try setting the alarm a little early so that one can figure out how to manage the daily household chores along with the baby.

Instant success is not what is expected but with the passage of time you might definitely succeed.

You should keep the equation correct which is ‘early to bed and early to rise’ or else you will fall prey to an easy exertion which keeps hovering working mothers. If you get a good amount of sleep only then will you be able to complete all your tasks smoothly. Quite often, working mothers tend to compromise their sleep for that extra amount of work which eventually makes them feel quite agitated and leaves them exhausted in the end.

A cup of rich cocoa with your ‘mommy friends’ will give you not only a good piece of laugh to share but a new perspective to life. It is seen that once a woman becomes a mother she tend to shut all doors of her social life.Sharing the new developments taking place in your child always brings a complimentary smile to her face and these frequent smiles are something which can keep you and eventually your family lit up the entire day.

At times you might be hit with several blues eventually leading you to believe that you are ‘good for nothing’ because neither are you able to concentrate on your office work nor are you able to spend quality time with your infant but don’t advertise it on a billboard try keeping it to yourself. Rather than counting on things which you can’t do try looking at the better perspective how effectively you multitask and still manage to have if not the best but still the better of both the worlds.

You are not just a woman, not just a mother but you are indeed a ‘superwoman’ you only got to find that in you.