Top 5 Things Not to Do at Work

We spend half our lives in our workplace. So it is natural that we have differences as well as friendly relationships arising in the same place.We all want to climb the corporate ladder. But if we really want to reach the top there are something’s that we must definitely not do at work.

  1. Do not bitch about your colleagues-Your colleagues are your partners in crime. You guys might not be on the best of terms but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to talk bad about them at the slightest chance you get.Bitching about your colleagues does not reflect well on you as a person. Be professional and avoid this so called ‘negative gossiping’.
  2. Discuss salaries-All of us get different salaries at work depending on the grade that we are in, our efficiency etc… It’s not nice to discuss salaries, so do not ask anyone how much they earn no matter what the reason or how close you are.I’m sure that even you wouldn’t want to reveal your actual salary to everyone.
  3. Be the bosses pet-You will enjoy a lot of privileges being the bosses pet. As a matter of fact a lot of us try to suck up to the boss to get into his good books and land up being a pet.The problem starts when we actually become the bosses pet. Our colleagues tend to look at us in the wrong way. They starting thinking that all our achievements are because of sucking up to the boss. We can’t blame them, as we ourselves hated the teacher’s pet.
  4. Act out of rage-Always be in control over your emotions. If you are faced with the situation of your boss yelling at you, grind your teeth together, grin and bear with it.If you land up yelling at your boss, chances are that you will lose your job because no boss wants an employee who cannot respect his decisions.
  5. Do not look for a best friend-You go to office to work. So it’s best that you keep your personal and professional lives separate. While it is okay to indulge in small social gathering once in a while with colleagues from work, do not get involved up to a personal level.Do not look for a best friend at work as relationships are tricky at work. For example, if both you and your colleagues are up for a promotion and only one of you lands it, then the situation can get a bit uncomfortable for the both of you.