Boyfriend Tracker App That Lets You Keep Tabs on Your Man

With the massive development in the technology, in this era of smartphones, it is not at all difficult to do things at a touch. Video, chats, images, health, kids, business, shopping and many other applications are common now. Many interesting applications can surprise you.

Can you believe that you can even keep a track on your man with  such an application? Yes, this may sound surprising, but it is possible with an application called the Boyfriend Tracker. The application allows keeping the position about the partner through GPS and gives access to his locations, call details and text messages as well. This application was developed and sold in Brazil and was called as “detective in your pocket”. The application has been developed by Matheus Grijo.

The Boyfriend Tracker created a stir in the country. For this app, one has to pay $2 every month and the girl should install it on the boyfriend’s phone. The application is available in Brazil to save the relationships, because Brazil has a culture of switching partners very fast and easily. The application helps to understand if the partner is cheating when he is already in one relationship.

The application will track all activities of your man and without his knowledge. The application tracks the boyfriend’s location and sends all the information to the jealous girlfriend. Along with the location information, the application forwards all call details and text messages to the girlfriend’s phone. The application also had some weird facilities like the girl could call the boyfriend’s phone and could listen to his conversation with the girl. One advantage of the app was it could be used by the suspicious spouse to keep a track on her husband. The application had both the versions, paid and free. The free version displays the application icon on the phone and the paid version charges a $2 monthly and had the facility to hide the application icon. This app is no fun as the user needs to be prepared for the results if she finds out that the partner is cheating on her. The girl may have to answer for downloading the app on the boyfriend’s phone and things may get worse in some cases.

The application was available in Brazil on Google Play Store but it created an outrage about the privacy concerns amongst women. There were lots of complaints about the privacy abuses and more possibilities of using it for extortion purposes. Google analyzed that people didn’t like to get tracked and so this application was banned in Brazil. People from Brazil were upset with the reports of the applications spying them, and so the applications didn’t have any good reviews. In the month of August, 2013 Google pulled out the application from its play store, and now it is not available for people to download. Though still It can be accessed and downloaded from the developer’s website. There are critics who said that this application violate the privacy rights and can be used in sinister purposes like stalking. Apart from Brazil, there are other countries that have developed similar applications like the United States of America and Europe.