How you ever imagined that your most beloved closet can be a threat to mother earth? We all have one complaint that is almost universal, ‘I have nothing to wear’. If only we understood the impact our clothes had on our environment and our fellow humans. Fashion can be flattering and it creates an unending want in the human mind maybe because it represents us, or maybe because we let it. But exactly why it is important to know the impact of hauling on fast fashion.

The reason its called fast fashion because it was mass manufactured and produced. Most of it is made in China, India and Veitnam-where labour laws are not severe. The workers are not paid fairly and work in unethical environment, to the extend where some of the units lack toilets. There are no real designers behind these clothes, everything is plagiarised and made into a ‘trend’. Have you noticed how quickly a trend changes, before you can buy, enjoy or experiment with them? This is where the idea of slow fashion comes in, it is the antonym of fast fashion in every sense of the word. They use organic and only natural fibers to make the clothes, which takes time to grow.

There are real designers and tailors behind every piece of clothing, the hard labour of their hands and straining of their eyes can be seen in the nothing but beautiful imperfections of some of the clothes. How wonderful it is to know that someone has taken so much care and effort to make you feel good? The clothes feel like home and it makes the wearer a conscious individual. The time and labour it takes should explain why it is exhorbitant and it can be difficult to tick of these below criteria but even if your clothes are one or two of these know that we are being the change so you will soon see the change.

1. Ethical- Original designs, prints or styles

2. Environment friendly

3. Fair Trade

4. Reduced wastage of water, carbon and other resources

5. Organic fibers

Indian clothing brands that practice sustainability are Pero, Raw Mango, Mantraras, Khara Kapas, Translate-Hadwoven Ikat.