A Professional Manicure

Given the recent influx of prices, budgeting is only the next logical step. This often means prioritizing between what you need versus what you want. All of us have to give up things that, in the times of a financial crunch can be deemed as frivolous. Trips to the spa, for example, will certainly be reduced to probably nothing when you’re looking to live within a budget. Any woman worth her salt will swear that an occasional retreat to a spa is as essential as butter on bread.  The logic is irrefutable if you think about it. Your hands go through so much wear and tear as you go about the day; the least you can do is pamper them once in a while. But how can you, when spa treatments are criminally expensive? At home!

The spa not only treats your hands, but also serves as a temporary getaway from the hectic world. So while treating yourself to a manicure, it’s essential to re-create the spa atmosphere. A few candles should do the trick. Since giving yourself a manicure will involve some work from your side, so slipping into something comfortable is preferred. After you’re all settled and comfortable, with a cotton ball and some nail polish remover, wipe your nails clean of any existing nail polish. Dab some remover on the cotton ball and apply minimal pressure on the nail, moving in the direction opposite of that your finger.

Once your nails are back to their natural colour, wash your hands to remove any residual nail polish as well as anything under your fingernails. Wash them like you usually do before you sit down for a meal. Dry them once you’re done, but don’t apply any lotion as there’s more work to be done on your hands. Before you begin filing your nails, trim any broken nails. Use either an emery board or the good old nail filler and shape your nails following the shape of your nails. When they reach an acceptable appearance, wash your hands once again, this time to remove any dust or dirt accumulated during the filing.

The hardest parts are done. Now, apply the first layer of nail polish, preferably a clear polish. This is just a foundation layer, just for providing a smooth surface for the other layers, so apply accordingly. While your nails dry off the first layer choose the shade of nail polish, you’d like to apply as the final colour. Apply 2 layers of the chosen colour once the foundation layer has dried off, in clear crisp strokes covering the entire nail. After the 2 layers of colour are dry, apply a third and final layer. This is, manicure terms, is called the top layer and protects the nail from chipping or peeling.

As further embellishments, you could add nail decals which come in a spectrum of variety. If you add a decal, add another top layer to seal the deal and if not, wait till your nails are dry and go about with your daily business.