How to keep your toddler busy

Handling a toddler who gets bored becomes very difficult to handle. Every mom looks forward to some fail safe methods that can help her to handle her toddler and keep him or her occupied. There is no need to look for a magician to get a bag of tricks. In order to keep toddlers content and busy, following activities can prove to be quite helpful. Though, some of these methods may prove to be somewhat boring, they are quite effective when it comes to keeping toddlers engaged. One is amazed to see that some small and mundane tasks can keep toddlers occupied for quite a while.

Some of these activities keep your toddler busy

1. Washing Vegetables and fruits

This activity entails combining two of the most enjoyable and favorite activities of young ones, water and responsibility. You can ask your young one to wash vegetables and fruits. You can give him or her a trough full of water and allow your little one to enjoy washing fruits and vegetables with great care. You will enjoy the scene unfolding before you when you see how responsibly your little one is working hard. This is a constructive activity that allows young ones to concentrate on the responsibility given to them.

2. Cleaning

Cleaning surfaces is another interesting activity that can keep your children completely engaged for a long time. You can give him a wipe and ask him to clean certain surfaces. It is necessary to give clear instructions regarding what to clean, lest your little one damages something with excessive cleaning and over enthusiasm to make you happy. You will see that they are better cleaners than you and will take their own time in hunting down each and every speck of dirt and dust. As soon as they are over with their cleaning spree, you will see a look of contentment on their face.

3. Allow Food Coloring

This is an interesting activity which is used in several playschools. This way, not only young kids learn the name of vegetables but also enjoy their favorite activity, that is coloring. Lady fingers, tomatoes and other vegetables can be used for coloring. Paper towels can be given to them and few vegetables that can be dipped into choicest colors and form interesting shapes.

4. Food Mixing in a Bowl

This is another “I wanna be like mommy or daddy” activity that’s a great occupier while you’re trying to make dinner.  Just add a little bit of various baking ingredients (flour, sugar, water, oil) to a large bowl.  Then hand it over along with a wooden spoon and ask you toddler to stir it up.  You’ll have to pause occasionally to add a few more ingredients but it’s a great way to keep the kids in the kitchen with you while keeping them out of the way.

5. Coloring in a New Way

Coloring is a classic stand-by activity but sometimes you have to mix it up a bit to keep it interesting.  One way to go is to vary their materials (crayons vs. markers vs. colored pencils, etc.).  Another option is to vary what they color on.  My son gets tired of coloring books pretty quickly but his eyes still light up when I stretch a roll of white paper all the way across the living room floor.

6. Pouring Water in Various Sized Bowls

I saved the best for last.  I know you’re probably thinking, “Pouring water into bowls is the best you’ve got?” But trust me; this one is super fascinating for toddlers.  Cover a cookie sheet with a layer or two of paper towels for the spills.  Then choose 3 or 4 small bowls and fill them with various amounts of water.

Set your toddler up with the tray at a table and show her how to pour the water from bowl to bowl.  Once she gets the hang of it, she’ll pour on her own for unheard of amounts of time.  You can even reignite interest by adding food coloring to the water and turning it into a color blending activity.