Less than 100 calorie snacks

When you’re on a healthy diet, portion control and keeping a count of one’s daily calorie intake is very important. So how do you keep a count on the calories of the different types of food and in between snacks that you consume in a day? Here are a few ideas on snacking in between meals that not only keep you satisfied but also ensures that you don’t end up eating unhealthy junk food and let all your workouts go waste. These snacks will help you curb the temptation to indulge and keep you on the right track while dieting.

  1. Apple: A medium sized apple has a calorific value of about 70. An Apple has amazing health benefits and is rich in antioxidants which help boost the body’s immunity. It may not be a replacement for the toothbrush but it definitely is good for the gums and teeth and lowers the chances of tooth decay and build of bacteria as well.
  2. Oatmeal cookies: Oats contain good carbohydrates and carbohydrates give you energy. Try making a bunch of oatmeal cookies and you can store them away for long periods and munch on them occasionally. Take care not to use too much butter in preparation as it negates the purpose of low calorie healthy munching. An average oatmeal cookie contains around 60-65 calories.
  3. Soup: Low fat soup with low sodium content comprising solely of any healthy form of vegetables is a very healthy snacking option. Sipping on it while you engage yourself in some activity will keep you satisfied and keep hunger pangs away.
  4. Dark chocolate: Fond of chocolate but your diet is keeping you from indulging in some? Well you can cut some slack on yourself and indulge in 2-3 ounce (that would be around 3-4 small pieces) of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is also said to have some positive benefits for your health and having 2-3 pieces occasionally won’t pile on more that 90-95 calories. But you do have to keep a check on the remaining stuff you consume throughout the day.
  5. Sugar free gum: At times you simply have cravings even though you might not actually be hungry. Avoid loading your platter and instead opt for something like a sugar free gum that gives you the feeling as if you are munching on something but not actually consuming anything. Chewing gum is also considered healthy for the gums and teeth.
  6. Fat free yoghurt: Yoghurt is a very healthy snacking option and half a cup of fat free yoghurt contains just about 85 calories.
  7. Whole grain bread: Make yourself some healthy sandwiches with 2 slices of wholegrain bread for a healthy in-between snack below 100 calories.
  8. Nuts: Nuts are definitely very high on calories although having 2 almonds is considered pretty healthy to start the day with. Try munching on dry roasted and unsalted pistachios, not more than 20-25 in day which would add around 85 calories to your daily intake. Pistachios are tasty to eat too!