Why do we fail to form habits?

For every new year, all of us must have taken a resolution to inbuild a new habit that would elevate our lifestyle. But only one out of 10 people would have achieved their resolution. There are various factors that affect you from acquiring a good new habit. Continue reading to common mistakes people make when developing, mistakes that cause new habits to fail and secret to starting a new habit.

Common mistakes people make when developing a new habit

1. Start slow

A new habit will take some time for our body and mind to form. We should avoid starting too many initiatives at once and not rush things. Imagine, for instance, that you’ve made the decision to start practising yoga in order to stay fit. But you also intended to start altering your eating routine. Although it’s a nice idea, your body and mind won’t go along with it. Therefore, it is crucial to start slowly. Never begin a new physical activity with a hard workout because it may be too exhausting and lead to us quitting the activity altogether.

2. Start one thing at a time

As discussed above, do not indulge yourself in building too many habits at once. Never make two resolutions at once, such as promising to get up early and to stop eating junk food. This will be challenging for some people and require more effort, tenacity, and time. Therefore, it is always best to start with one goal and devote your entire being to achieving it rather than struggling with which task to do first or which is more crucial. Do not abruptly quit eating junk food because this will only lead to increased cravings and subsequent consumption. Limit the amount of junk food you consume each day. Similarly, if you intend to rise early, go to bed early because getting enough sleep keeps you strong and healthy.

3. Choosing the right habit

People are frequently impacted by others. Nearly all of our endeavours begin as a result of inspiration we gain from others. We occasionally try to cultivate bad habits that don’t fit with our way of life. For instance, you could want to make it a habit to go to bed late. However, you already have a solid routine for going to bed on time. Always be cautious when picking the proper habit, and ask yourself if you really need to form that particular behaviour in the first place.

4. Lack of focus

Are you aware that being lazy is also a habit? It is the one habit that people acquire naturally, without any effort or precautions. Being lazy can completely damage your way of life. When you decide to start forming a habit, your laziness may undoubtedly get in the way. But make sure your determination prevails. Do not confuse laziness with taking a break. A break is something everyone needs. Do not sacrifice your break times thinking it to be laziness. 

5. Analyse the takeaway 

When we form a new habit, we should benefit in some way. Your lifestyle should be improved by each new habit you adopt. Determining what you learned from something that has become a habit is therefore always vital. If you don’t see any positive changes in your way of life, this is a sign that you’re on the wrong track and need to change your routines.