From midnight kisses to making noise on New Year, people have a knack for following traditions and superstitions, no matter how weird or unusual they are. They tend to follow these supernatural beliefs—like fate—hoping to clarify the uncertainty and for good luck, or some just do it to get the excitement of following it. Despite the varying beliefs about common superstitions, it is safe to say that these rituals give a sense of hope and happiness. This would help one to start the new year on the right foot. 

The science of superstition

While a good number of people believe in superstitions, researchers are trying to find the science behind them. Although there is no solid evidence that superstition is effective, people still tend to believe these factors.

Following common superstitions would give humans a sense of control over unpredictable things. It also eases the anxiety and fear over something they dread upon. 

With that, we have a curated list of the top common superstitions and some of the strangest ones from around the world this new year.

New Year superstitions for good luck

  • Make sure your wallet is full

It is a New years Eve superstitions that keeping money in your wallet would bring financial wealth and prosperity throughout the year. So make sure to have some extra cash as the clock strikes midnight.

  • Ladies! Keep a lookout from the bedroom window

A common superstition around the world exclusively for single women. Do look out the window as soon as you wake up and if you see a man out there, then be ready! You would likely get hitched by the end of the year!

  • Refrain from lending money

Lending money on New Year’s Eve or the New Year can bring you bad omen and you would experience bad financial times for the rest of the year.

  • Beware of chicken and lobster

Food lovers would think this is one of the strangest superstitions from around the world. Yet, this is a common superstition in several cultures as they assume chicken and lobster bring bad luck.

Since chicken has wings, consuming them would make your luck fly away for the rest of the year. In the case of lobster, the sea species tend to move backward. This indicates that you would have to endure a year full of setbacks in life.

  • Don the red underwear

Latin American cultures believe that wearing red panties on New Year would bring your desired relationship. The belief is different in Italy that wearing red underwear can bring luck and fortune throughout the year.

  • Eat 12 grapes at midnight

Time to put your eating skills on! It is a Spanish superstition that eating 12 grapes from midnight and finishing it before 12:01 am would bring you good luck for the rest of the year.

  • Do not clean the house

Several cultures believe cleaning the house on New Year would sweep away all your good luck from the house and you’d lose all the positivity that the new year has in store for you. Refrain from doing any cleaning, including your laundry and vessels.

  • Wear a polka dot outfit

Some countries like the Philippines believe that donning a polka dot outfit, in which the designs look like coins, would bring wealth and prosperity to you for the year.

  • Do seven laps around the house

Put your legs to work and run around the house, or a room, to bring in good luck and better chances at travelling too!

  • Leave the door open at midnight

Opening your front door at midnight is believed to send off the past year and welcome the new year. Also, make sure the first person entering your house on New Year brings you a gift!