Packing for travel is crucial. You have to carry essentials and avoid regretting not packing them later. Ensure that your travel packing checklist aligns with your fun and plans. According to the occasion of travel, the list of requirements can change. Prepare your travel packing checklist as per the occasion.

And most importantly, do not stress! We’ve got your back. Add the following ten things to pack for a trip and return with happy memories and amazing photographs.

The ultimate packing list

  • Documents

Passports, visas, and ID proof( i.e., Aadhaar card, driver’s license, pan card) might be required to produce as proof at the time of travel and for verification purposes. Since it is post-COVID-19, you might also want to carry your vaccination certificate.

  • Outfits

Pick your fits according to the destination. If it is a cold place, carry layers to battle the chill. If it is your summer vacation, you know the drill. Carry lighter and more comfortable clothes to enjoy the bright shining weather.

Pack according to the number of days you will travel. Carry an extra set or two outfits, just in case. Make sure to pack your sleepwear as well. Do not forget to pack your inner garments. Having said this, do not overpack your outfits as well, as you might lack space to accommodate other stuff.

  • Toiletries

The basics that you must have on your checklist. Carry your body wash, shampoo, toothbrush, paste, wipes, moisturizer, lotion, and a travel-size towel for freshening up. You might have spotting or your periods, or it might be around the corner at the time of travel. Ensure that you carry a sanitary napkin, a tampon, or a menstrual cup.

  • Medication

If you are under-prescribed medication, make sure to carry those. Packing for general requirements like vomiting, headache, cough, motion sickness, mosquito repellants, and balms will come in handy. 

  • Wallet 

Make sure you carry cash and cards and check before leaving. Make sure you carry cash and cards and check before leaving. If you are unsure of the ATM availability, carrying some hard cash in your wallet is recommended (despite online transaction options). As a precaution, split the money you keep in your baggage.

  • Gadgets and chargers

Life without gadgets has become impossible. So carry mobile phones for communication and safety. Ensure that your phones, cameras, and tablets are all charged. It is also essential to carry power backups to charge your device at the time of need. 

  • Safe and secured!

A pepper spray and pocket knife are some of the essentials that a woman should carry everywhere. The need for it increases when tackling ‘what if’ situations. Make it a point to send your location to family or friends with updates now and then. 

  • For the glam!

To look good in all pictures and person is crucial. Carry your sunscreen, perfume, and coolers for the basics. If you are into makeup, prepare a travel makeover bag with quite the minimum. You can survive with some concealer, a powder to set it, some mascara, eyeliner, and a few lip options that you can swap as blush and eyeshadow. Throw in a few accessories, 

  • For the feet

Carry footwears that will be travel friendly and comfortable. A pair to match everyday outfits might not be a practical option. Wear comfy shoes/footwear, pack a casual one, and a few extras that do not occupy too much of your space.

  •  The miscellaneous

And last but not least, do not forget your travel pillows, sheets, and neck pillows for your comfort during the journey. If you have motion sickness (or not), carry some covers in case you feel nauseated. Carry bags to dump in your used clothes, as you might not want to leave your fresh clothes along with used ones. If you are planning a trip, keep our ultimate vacation packing list by your side while packing.