Ways to Have Successfully Conceive After 35

Large number of women today may plan to have a child after 35 or during their thirties. This opportunity can be joyful but it is filled with riddled question of whether the pregnancy will be safe or not? The fact is true that pregnancy during or after 35 is not as easy as during twenties but this does not mean that it is completely impossible. Despite of few challenges it is possible to successfully conceive after 35.

Challenges that you face while conceiving after 35

The most common reason of infertility related with age factor is less timely ovulation. As ladies age, they begin to hold occasional cycles of egg production and release. Even the egg quantity and quality also depreciates in women of 30’s and 40’s. Besides this, there are other reasons as well that may make pregnancy during or after 35 more difficult such as:

  • Any sort of surgery or infection that generates scar tissue around the cervix or fallopian tube.
  • Uterine disorders or Fibroids – The fibroid tumors are non-cancerous, undetected masses that appear in the uterus. There are different types of such tumors found that may vary in sizes. Mostly, these are painless and have different causes of occurrence with taking birth control pills as a major cause. If it is complicated then chances of becoming pregnant are almost negligible.
  • Endometriosis – Such problem arises when the endometrial lining of uterus sticks to other organs of body thereby making pregnancy largely complicated.
  • Chronic health issues such as blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid or more.
  • Reduction in cervical fluid.

Women above 35 are also more prone to face miscarriages that occur due to chromosomal abnormalities.

Ways to Increase Chances of Conceiving after 35

  • Scheduling a preconception meeting – It is essential to get your medical history reviewed by an expert. You must also brief about current medications and lifestyle to understand all concerns related with pregnancy during this time.
  • Female above 35 may take more time to conceive – The average time to have a baby for a couple above 35 may range from 1 to 2 years. So, in such case women must stay positive and try all efforts.
  • Improving egg quality – The quality of egg reduces with increase in age. So, to improve egg quality after 35 some supplements of melatonin, folic acid or my-inositiol may help greatly. They are supportive to enhance egg quality but not quantity.
  • Staying fit both physically, mentally and emotionally – A women planning baby after 35 must not be overweight or underweight. It is also necessary to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoking and have relaxed lifestyle.
  • Considering taking fertility screening test – It is better to have fertility test so as to avoid all sorts of confusion related with pregnancy during this age.

These are some ways that can help in successfully conceiving after 35 but if still a problem occurs then it is better to meet an experienced and renowned infertility specialist or Click Here!