How to talk about god to your kids

A child, no doubt, is a great matter of joy but he is also a greater responsibility. Parenting is not just about providing a child with his requirements but it is more about introducing the child to the world or better, bringing the worldly matters before him in his or her way or rather the way he understands it. Parents face a dilemma when it comes to discussing some matters before the child. It can be matters regarding sex, divorce, war or even abuse. One of the issues, that many parents often express difficult in conversing with their children is how to introduce god to them.

How to talk about god to your kids ?

Today, with internet and other resources available, it is rather easy to talk about god to children. One of the primary ways that a child can learn is by observing their parents. The child can be made a part of the prayers indirectly. You do not have to coax him to join hands or draw cross or pray. Just let him observe you and learn. He will follow you, copy your actions and join in.

The second stage is when a child starts asking questions about god. How do you know there is god? Are there miracles? Can god help us always? There will never ending questions. As a parent, you have to be patient and calm while answering these questions. You needn’t be over enthusiastic or over excited and give him larger than life answers. Deal with it as calmly as possible and answer in a language that he will understand.

Nowadays, you get many cartoon books available with gospel stories and stories about Jesus and spirituality.  Read him such books for he will understand them better. Narrate to him different stories about god and let him listen to them as natural stories.

If you talk to him about God as to wanting him to believe in god, then you might be not on the right track. Introduce god and his teachings to him the way you would introduce him to colors or other matters. Let this be a subject that appears as normal as possible. Let him to regard god as a friend and not as a magician. Let him regard god as a normal being and let him relate to the stories as he would relate to other stories.

Remember, when your child grows up, he will learn more and he will have more questions. Always be patient while answering your child’s queries. Never force your opinion on him and when it comes to belief and god, it matters more. Let him learn and figure out certain things on his own. Just be there to guide him as and when he needs it.