Kids always enjoy and feel alive in the open space. They want to jump, play, and be connected to the earth. It is a crucial part of their life to engage themselves in activities where they can use their energy to bring up a beautiful garden. Let us see “why is gardening important for children?”.

Importance of gardening for kids

Spark curiosity

It is the responsibility of the elders to encourage a spark of curiosity in a child. This will help the child to dive into the world of exploring the life cycle of a plant, the germination process, and how the world works around them.

Build self-confidence

When a child plants a seed or sapling and witnesses it breaks the ground and comes out as a plant, and later seeing it flower and fruit makes them feel accomplished. The feeling of completeness will build confidence in kids.

Boost immunity

When children put their pretty little hands into the soil and work on gardening along with getting clumsy and dirty, they also get introduced to the good and bad germs. Thus, helping them be more immune to their natural existing surroundings. Exposure to the natural soil and environment would help in boosting the immunity of children.

  • Vitamin D

Sun is the major source of vitamin D. Kids get exposed to the sunlight while gardening outside and it will help them prevent vitamin D deficiency. Sweating out in the sun for some minutes keeps their skeletal system strong.

Value of delayed gratification

Kids get to learn the value of delayed gratification. A child observes the different stages of plant or tree growing, flourishing, and giving flowers and fruits. It teaches them the value of time and patience. They are ready and well-groomed for the outer world of all new good and bad surprises. They don’t shatter down facing small failures and stand tall planning and waiting carefully for delayed gratification.

Sensory and motor development

Early years of development both physical and mental are important in kids.

Kids’ sensory skills get improved when they get to touch and feel the soil, flowers, and leaves textures.

By handling different tools, they tend to use their muscles and hands frequently, helping to improve their motor skills.

Benefits of gardening with children

Feeling of accomplishment

Children feel a sense of achievement when they see their hard work reflected in the fruits, vegetables or flowers that grow from the seeds they planted.


Gardening helps a child to be more responsible and capable of owning his mistakes and actions. In the long run, it builds self-esteem and confidence to be ready to face any new task head-on.

Cutting off screen-time

In this new era of all modern applications, games (PlayStation, pubg), and social media (Facebook, Instagram), a child is never spared. Gardening helps kids to move out of their screen time addiction. The eyes and brain cells get good relaxation and rejuvenation when exposed to open air and greenery. 

Family bonding 

It is very difficult for parents to have a good rapport with their children. Indulging in rooftop or lawn gardening activities as a family together will deepen the bond between them. It takes some good time, effort, and planning to maintain a garden, Be it a fruitalicious garden or a succulent one. As a family when the kids are involved in gardening they feel more connected with one another. This will help maintain a healthy relationship between siblings and parents.

Responsible citizen

A child realizes his responsibility towards the protection of nature and the habitat when he is involved in gardening activities from a young age. This will bring a good reflection on the climatic conditions when many children are exposed to gardening in their early childhood.