Most of us are aware of the fact that liver is one of the most important organs of our body. Keeping your liver healthy is important to keep your physical health in optimum condition. Decreased liver functioning can give rise to a range of problems that can reduce your over efficiency and health in many ways. It is therefore very important that you fully understand how your liver works, what its important functions are, and what to do in order to keep your liver in top condition to avoid any health problems related to a diminished liver efficiency.

Importance of liver in human body

Your liver which is the largest gland in human body is the power-house of your body. It performs about five hundred functions in the body. You liver keeps your blood stay clean by removing all the impurities present in it that your kidneys are not able to remove. It also removes all the dead or damaged cells from the system. Liver is a store-house that stores vitamins, minerals, sugars, and even extra blood for emergency situations. It produces bile that helps in the digestion of fat. And one of the most popular functions of liver is to regulate blood sugar which if not done can lead to diabetes.

Diminished liver functioning

As liver performs so many important functions in the human body, any problem in its normal functioning can have wide-spread effects on the entire system. Liver helps remove toxins. However, toxins in excessive quantities can damage the liver and lead to its decreased functioning. This can cause liver inflammation and infection, impairing its normal working. Among many reasons, some of the most important ones are obesity, diabetes, excessive use of alcohol or drugs, gallstones, etc. In case of any of the above mentioned symptoms, it is best to seek professional medical assistance.

Juices for optimal liver functioning

Liver can be kept healthy by using this power contained in raw fruit and vegetable juices. Some fruits and vegetables that have a wonderful cleansing and healing effect on the liver include apple, oranges, beetroot, carrot, red cabbage, celery, green leafy vegetables, ginger, etc. You can either consume these juices alone or you can mix and blend them to prepare healthy cocktails. Beet helps cleans blood of toxins and cleanses liver and gall bladder. Carrots too cleanse liver and help produce more bile. These and many such healing benefits of these raw juices can help your liver stay clean and healthy.

Making the most of raw juices

Juicing is a wonderful way to cleanse your liver and keep it in the most vibrant condition so that it performs all its functions smoothly and effortlessly. These juices will not only cleanse the liver of all the chronic toxicity that has accumulated and damaged its functioning for years, but will also rejuvenate it by improving liver enzymes production and bile production. These juices start working on your body and liver within 15 minutes and start working on the cellular level. These raw juices are certainly super foods that will help you rebalance your liver functioning and regain its lost health and vitality.