Metabolism maladies –Habits that disturb metabolism

Did you know that a person’s weight and body type mainly depends on their metabolism rate? Most people think that their metabolism is something unique and they are born with it. This is nothing far from a myth. Metabolism of our body can be altered to suit our needs by making changes to out diet and habits. A person with a poor metabolic rate tends to be obese and unhealthy.  Some people even though they do not eat much they still tend to put on weight. Some people even though they eat a lot still never put on weight. Did you ever wonder why? The answer is the body’s metabolic rate dictates how the body digests the food. To an extent people have a unique metabolic rate but that doesn’t mean we cannot control or alter our life to maintain healthy weight.

Here are the top 5 mistakes which people make to spoil the metabolism rate of their body.

Irregular food timings
People who eat irregular meals and different times often suffer from a poor metabolic rate. The body actually has to digest foods at different times of the day. The digestive system works like a clock.  You need to have regular meals everyday and preferably at the same time. It is ok if you eat three meals a day or eat 5 frequent meals but then you have to maintain a standard time. So people who skip meals frequently and eat at different timings still tend to put on weight.

Junk foods
Junk foods systematically slow down the metabolic rate. They also make you sleepy and lethargic. The body cannot digest fatty foods that are high in salt and sugar easily. So you feel bloated and full after eating the junk food for a long time. This causes the body’s metabolism rate to slow down tremendously.

Lack of exercise
Lack of exercise causes the organs of the body to slow down. They no longer have to work hard so much because your body does not need that much functioning. This not only leads to overweight but also slows down the metabolism rate and digestion process.

Excessive sleeping
Sleeping for long hours naturally slows down the metabolic rate. People who sleep for long hours actually suffer from irregular sleep pattern. The best time to sleep is by midnight and one should wake up by 7 Am to have a healthy metabolic rate. Regulating the sleep hours also helps to fight stress and gives the body rest.

Too much carbohydrates
Too many carbohydrates in your food can make you sleepy and slow down the body. Typically a healthy diet will make you more active after meals. If you continuously tend to fall sleepy after meals then your metabolism rate is slow. This will also cause weight gain eventually.

By eating a proper diet that has proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals you can easily alter the metabolic rate of your body. Exercises like running, jogging and skipping also regularize the metabolic rate.