5 Steps to a cleaner washing machine

It’s not only washing clothes that you have to worry about. You also should worry about the state of your washing machine.How many times have you cleaned it since you bought it? Most of us don’t bother to clean our machines. Don’t forget that germs also infest our washing machines.If you want your machine to last a while and also spruce it up, here are a few steps that can get your machine back in shipshape.

  1. Detergent drawer-This is the dirtiest place in the machine. In most cases, the detergent drawer is filled with encrusted washing powder and mold.If possible, try and remove the tray itself. Scrub clean with an old toothbrush and regular detergent or dish washing liquid.
  2. Filter-Filters should be emptied regularly, as this is the place where all the fluff and dirt get collected.
  3. Drum-Clean the drum by running a drum wash using baking soda or plain hot water. The hot water helps in dislodging the dirt embedded in the cracks or creases of the machine.
  4. Smell-Leave your machine open after each wash, so as to encourage free air circulation and also prevent the formation of mold.
  5.  Right detergent-Try to avoid liquid detergents, as they leave behind more suds and residue. Powder detergents are the best. Also follow the proper guidelines with regard to the amount of detergent used and the right detergent for the right type of washing machine etc… For example do not use a fully automatic machine detergent for a manual washing machine and vice versa.

Who ever told that the last place you should be looking for germs is your washing machine was wrong. Kill those germs in your machine with our tips.