Do you have a score of less than 50% percentage in 12th? Don’t panic as it is not the end of your career. You can take this opportunity to explore more skill-based or new-age careers. Scoring a low percentage in 12th doesn’t mean closing your road to success. Many career options for students with low marks in 12th are available. Take a look at the career paths after scoring low marks in 12th. 

Career Options for Students with Low Marks in 12th

The world is filled with unlimited opportunities and skill-based training. Students can access a lot of alternative career options after low percentage in 12th. Go through the courses listed below that provide excellent jobs and professions for students with low percentage in 12th. 

Web Design 

One of the growing fields in India needs a lot of workforce for online industries. Most businesses and companies require well-designed websites nowadays to attract customers. A few courses in web design specialization include a Diploma in Web Designing, Bachelor of Design(B.Des), and other certificate courses in web designing. If you have the interest and skills, you can pursue a course in web designing and become a web designer. 

Cabin Crew/Air Hostess 

Career as a cabin crew or air hostess is suitable for anyone with good personality and communication skills. An air hostess oversees the safety and comfort of passengers. After finishing your 12th standard, you can enroll in an aviation college and choose courses like Diploma in Aviation, BSc in Air Hostess Training, or BSc in Tourism and Hospitality. 


Photography is one of the most demanding career options in skill-based industries for low-scoring 12th students. A lot of colleges offer graduate and post-graduate programs, diploma courses in wildlife photography and cinematography, professional photography, and wedding photography. Once you master your skills, you can work for the film industry, e-Commerce sites, magazines, or any publishing media. 

Media, Journalism, and Mass Communication 

You can learn about the exchange of news, entertainment, and other ideas through media studies, journalism, and mass communication. Students scoring low ranks can easily pursue careers in these fields. Nowadays, students scoring more than 80% percentage also interested to choose these courses. After completing the course, you can begin a career in films, advertisements, journalism, writing, tv, and public relation. 

Fashion Designing 

Fashion designers are necessary for the growing fashion industry. The role of fashion designers is notable for their contribution to new fashion trends every year. A career in fashion design provides entrepreneurship opportunities for students who scored low in 12th. If you want to become a fashion designer, you must be high on artistic skills and creativity. You can enroll in courses such as Bachelor of Design (BDes), Bachelor of Fashion Technology, and Diploma in Fashion Designing. 

Travel & Tourism Management 

Like event management, travel, and tourism management is an awarding job but very challenging too. To get into this field, you can opt bachelor’s course in travel and tourism management. A lot of government and private universities are offering this course and providing high possibilities for entrepreneurship. 

Apart from these, arts, hotel management, sports, event management, and sound engineering, are other career options for students with low marks in 12th. So, don’t get disheartened because a lot of opportunities are awaiting you. Choose your course as per your interest and skill set.