6 Things to consider when buying deodorant

Life would definitely be unpleasant without deodorants. I can’t imagine a planet filled with stinky people. But deodorants differ and it is important to find one that suits your body.

With many choices available in the market it can get confusing. Here are few pointers to help you make the decision of which deodorant to pick:

1. How much you sweat

If you sweat excessively only when you get physically active then a regular deodorant should do the trick.

But if you sweat a lot and the deodorant only mingles with the sweat and makes you smell worse, then a deodorant isn’t for you. You might have to go in for an anti-perspirant that prevents you from sweating.

2. Type

There are a lot of varieties or types of deodorants available in the market. You can choose from sprays, gels, roll-on, sticks etc… The types are endless.

Choose one that you feel most comfortable with. You can even get deodorants to lighten the skin of your underarms if used on the long run.

3. Alcohol

Deodorant works on the basic principle that it contains alcohol that inhibits the growth of bacteria. But the side-effect to containing alcohol is that it dries up the skin and even makes skin appear dark.

Of course now alcohol free varieties are available and seem to keep the bacteria away. Don’t forget to moisturize in case you are using the ones with alcohol in it.

4. Smell

This is the number one priority when choosing a deodorant for most of us. Do test the product in the cap or on skin before you actually buy it.

5. Effectiveness

You can never tell how a deodorant works for you until you really start using it. So trial and error is the only solution to really know how effective a deodorant is.

6. Ingredients

Make sure the deodorant doesn’t contain any chemicals or ingredients that you are allergic to.

So unless scientists discover anything that harmful in its usage, deodorants are here to stay and make us smell good.