They say a person’s eyes speak a thousand words! But, how far would you go to make your eyes look good? May be getting your brows done or dabbing on that smoky eye shadow? But, today, our makeup techniques have grown so much that we can actually volumize our lashes and let them stay for weeks without having to worry about when they might fall off.

Yes, lash extensions have gained world attention like never before and is slowly taking over the use of mascaras and eyeliners. After all, who wouldn’t love those fluttery and thick lashes? But, every doing that isn’t natural has its own set of cons.

So, why do women still opt for them over falsies or lash curlers?
1. Lash extensions stay for nearly six to eight weeks
2. Needn’t be removed while going to bed
3. Enhanced and natural look unlike the false ones

Dos and don’ts of lash extensions

1. Always go to a professional
Getting your lashes done requires a professional who knows everything about what he’s doing. If you want to cut cost, better quit doing one at all as it deals with your eyes and you don’t want to end up being regretful.

2. Refrain from excess eye makeups
Troubling your extensions is the last thing you will want to do. Excess application of eyeliners or mascaras is going to ruin them resulting in breakage.

3. Make sure you are not allergic to the adhesives used
There are chances wherein you might be allergic to the glue used. Talk to your professional and get to know what’s going to be applied on your skin.

4. Don’t be harsh on your lash extensions
Facials and clean ups are a strict no-no! In fact, it is advisable to use a mild face wash rather than soaps and scrubs.

5. Lash extensions are eventually going to fall off
Though they are called permanent lashes, the life of these is only a few weeks.

6. If at all you are wondering that they might damage your natural lashes, yes, there are chances!
The adhesives used might sometimes be heavy on your original lashes resulting in breakage. So, it is always advisable to brush your lashes once in a while so that they stay strong.
In spite of the fact that our generation is moving towards artificial enhancers and surgeries to look good, it is always best to remain healthy and natural. There are several home remedies for thick and long lashes including application of castor oil, shea butter, etc. But, if you are looking for instant results, make sure these procedures are safe.