Healing Acne In The Natural Way

Acne is the biggest nightmare for the teenagers. Acne makes the skin all flaked and blistered. When the acne finally heals it leaves the sun-spots on your face. You try to use all kinds of methods in order to get rid of acne, it sometimes heals but always return back. It is all very confusing to understand. Just using the products on your outside skin is not going to solve the problem. You need to make appropriate lifestyle changes.

 Understanding what is acne after all:

Acne is also known as pimples. It is a very normal condition of the skin which occurs especially in teenage to many individuals. The elementary reason of Acne occurrence is due to excessive secretion of sebum by oil glands. It is not a very critical condition, but acne makes the face flaky and red, which is not a good feeling for an individual.

You will find an array of medicines, lotions, and other formulas in the market claiming to be the best one to get rid of acne. There are also many natural ways which will heal the problem of acne once and for all.

 Eat Right Kind Of Food:

The kind of food we eat provides us energy and are the source of building blocks for the cells of the body. Therefore, there seems to be a correlation between kind of food and acne occurrence. Generally, acne production also depends on change in our hormones. The hormones in turn are affected by kind of diet we take. Everything should be in balance, not too spicy and not much oil. Everything should be in moderate proportions, depending on skin type.

Cool Factor:

The ice gives quick relief in acne. Ice acts as freezing point for the open pores in our face, which eliminates dirt entering those pores and causing acne. It also improves circulation of blood and decreases acne production.

You must take an ice cube in a cloth and rub on the affected area for few second, take it off, and again repeat the process. It decreases inflammation and smoothens the area.

Glycemic Food Effects:

Increase of insulin in our body causes over-production of sebaceous glands. Therefore, lower your carbohydrate intake, which turns into blood sugar immediately and cause acne production.

Lemon and Honey:

Apply a swab of cotton dipped in lemon juice (you can also make a paste of lemon and cinnamon powder) on acne. Keep it for overnight and wash with lukewarm water in the morning. Likewise, you can apply a swab of honey on your affected areas, keep it for an hour and wash it with lukewarm water. It is very effective methods.

It has been studied that increase in saturated fat increase androgen production in adults, which are sources of more sebaceous gland’s production. Therefore, decrease high fat diet. You must avoid the habit of cooking on high flame without water. This produces AGEs which are inflammatory sources and causes acne.

Therefore, cleansing your body from within is the first step to get rid of acne. You do not have to cut off the food products from your diet. You just have to reduce the fat and sugar increasing food products and you will see the wonders. After this you can use the skin improvement products which will make your skin healthy and glowing.