Learn the act of Damage free Blow Drying for your Hair

How many times have you landed in your office wearing a corporate suit with your wet hair? Do you often just towel dry your hair due to less time? Then this is a perfect guide for girls who can learn the art of blow drying their hair with great ease and comfort. This method would help girls in maintaining the texture of their hair without any hair fall post hair wash. Wet hair often creates wet patches on the clothes. Although air drying is natural and healthy, it is sometimes not possible to just leave it to air.  By following the below stated steps, women can get their locks dried easily without causing much damage to hair.

Steps for blow drying your hair safely:

The following are the steps which ensures easy and safe blow drying for hair.

  1.  Wash and clean your hair properly: It is essential to check your shampoo type before starting the head and hair wash. Although people go in for a regular shampoo but trying out shampoo with Dry Hair Formula can give good results post blow dry. Dry Hair Formula shampoo contains additional moisture which will acts as a protective agent while blow drying. It prevents hair from strangling up. Thus people can just look around in shop and get their desired shampoo as well.
  2.  Soak water from your hair with towel: Post hair wash, girls should smoothly rub the towel around the hair in order to soak the dripping water. The towel needs to be rubbed gently in order to prevent hair from causing split ends, dryness, etc… The hair and head should not be completely dry as it will hinder a lot while blow dry. Also complete dried hair cannot be blow dried. Hence, the focus should only be towards soaking the falling water from hair.
  3.  Make different sections by separating your hair: After soaking, girls should divide their hair in small sections. The tangles should be removed from the hair. The bigger the sections, the more the time will be taken for drying the hair. People with thick hair can use clips to make section. Girls with short hair can also make two sections out of it.
  4.  Start Blowing up from the top or roots: While starting up with the blow drying, girls should ensure to blow dry six inches away from the scalp. Since the dryer contains very hot air, it tends to damage the scalp or even burn hair at times. Dyer should be run in downward direction. Running dryer in upward direction might cause damage to the hair.
  5. Regularly keep moving the dryer: Concentrating the dryer at one point might damage the scalp with its heat. Hence the dryer should be kept moving all over the hair in order to ensure even drying.
  6. Don’t make it complete dry: The dryer should not be used till the extent it makes the hair and scalp dried completely. Girls should keep their hair damp as well. There needs to be some moisture left in order to avoid the hair from tangling or drying out completely.
  7. Ending with cold air: Lastly, the hair should be given a hand brush or a run through the fingers for ensuring De – tangling of hair. Girls can apply an anti – frizzy gel or serum for making the hairs even.