Things no one told us about labor and delivery process

Delivering a baby is one of the greatest blessings that have been bestowed only upon women. Though, this is a beautiful process but is full of pain. Many women are not aware about what to expect when they are about to deliver their babies. Their loved ones surrounding them simply annoy them. Unending advices and hovering on the soon to be mother becomes irritating and grind on their nerves like anything. Many times, it has been seen that the husbands are more nervous instead of their wives. They will either flip on TV channels or keep on nibbling on their nails.

Some Important facts to be known about labor and delivery process are

Do not rely on pregnancy books

Do not ever rely on pregnancy books and the birth plan mentioned in them. Books fail to mention the searing pain that is experienced by the mother. The process of labor is both exhilarating and scary. Thus, while on one hand there is a lot of joy and anticipation to welcome a new member in the family but at the same time, the idea of experiencing nerve racking pain dampen the spirits. Instead of relying on pregnancy books, pay attention the advice of your mother and other women in the family who have gone through this process.

Expect linea nigra for the lifetime

A black line develop on the bellies of most pregnant women and it may look quite dark when the baby is inside your belly, but it turns all the more dark after the baby has been delivered. It may not be black at times but in varying shades of brown. No amount of whitening cream can lighten this line and it is now a part of your personality.

Blood all around

No one would have prepared a woman to experience blood dripping from their privates like a leaky tap. This is something just out from a Halloween setting. Soon to be mothers must know that delivery process entails losing a lot of blood and it becomes quite messy at times.

Ripping pain searing through the body

Many women have heard about the ring of fire, that is, the searing pain that is felt during the labor process. Many women dread this pain and opt for episiotomy but they are not prepared for the constant pain they may experience for the entire time till the baby is delivered.

Giving birth to more than a baby

Ladies must be aware that besides a healthy and bonny baby, they will be getting rid of the placenta too. Many women are not aware about this fact and their friends also fail to mention this fact.

Enema can be embarrassing

A lot of work is required when giving birth to a baby. In order to make things a little less messy, enema is administered by the nurses before the process begins. This can be quite an embarrassing situation for the mother.

These are few facts about labor process and a mother who is soon going to deliver a baby must be aware about them.