Gaining weight a challenge during teenage

Being overweight as well as underweight are problematic issues faced by teenagers. These days, a lot of teens face the problem of being underweight. They try hard to gain weight and for this they indulge in a lot of activities. They get involved in gymming, exercising, swimming, weight lifting, dancing and many more. Looking extraordinarily skinny makes them less impressive. Since teenage is a age when kids love to look impressive, they wish to have a perfect physique. There are several fitness tips that can help them to gain weight in a gradual manner.

Technique and Form

When exercising, youngsters need to pack in proper techniques and form in their regimen. It can be in the form of weight training or exercises related to gain in body weight. While exercising, it is important that injuries are avoided at any cost. Over enthusiasm when exercising can result in muscle soreness and ligament rupture. Slowly and gradually, you will find increase in muscle mass. Body will start filling out and you will start looking better. Teenagers must never neglect technique and form when exercising. It is also advised to carry out gymming under close supervision of a professional trainer.

One can also watch videos by professional trainers and follow step by step instructions before starting your regimen. Join a local gym and share your requirements with the trainer. He can suggest best possible exercises that can help you in gaining weight. When choosing weight lifting for gaining muscle mass, one must start from lower weights. Slowly and gradually weights can be increased.

Concentrate on entire body when working out

Maintaining a balance when working out is very important. Instead of concentrating only on one body part, it is essential to concentrate on the entire body. The effect of regular exercise is visible on the entire body and not on one part alone. If you want tight abs, you will have to do a lot of cardio before you start concentrating on abs. The result of cardio workout can be seen in the whole body. Teens can chart a workout plan with the help of a trainer. If they are working out thrice in a week, they can concentrate on different body part every day. This way desired result will be attained at a faster pace.

Taking proper diet

Diet plays a major role in gaining weight. There are some specific foods consuming which weight cab be gained. Daily diet must comprise of one half carbohydrates, one fourth proteins and one fourth good fats. Consuming this diet will ensure that muscles get necessary energy that is required for an effective workout. Secretion of natural hormones will also increase thereby offering feel good factor to the exercisers.

Last but not the least, teenagers must have a lot of patience and perseverance before any results are expected.