Stay fit and active with family and kids 3

How to stay fit and active with family and kids!

In this fast paced time, maintaining a good health is a real challenge. Finding time amidst never ending family and kids’ responsibility makes it more difficult, but at the same time, there is no other option. Health and fitness is important for everyone but for women it is all the more important. A woman is the one who has to take on additional responsibilities. Though, growing demands of day to day life make it difficult for her to find time for exercise and other ways of staying fit. The secret to stay fit is quite simple. A woman needs to change her daily routine and lifestyle and include certain activities that help her to stay fit. Some simple ways through which she can stay active irrespective of burgeoning family responsibilities are as follows-

Avoid Mindless Cardio

Everyone usually gets bored easily with a monotonous exercise. If we indulge in mindless cardio for a long time, soon we will lose interest in this activity. Instead of indulging in mind numbingly boring cardio activities, it is significant to indulge in effective and well defined exercises which have tremendous positive impact especially in case of women. Many times, counter-productive results are achieved when women just indulge in treadmill activity for hours together. Even 15 minutes of exercise can offer excellent results and women will never have to waste extra time in an activity that is not going to offer any results. This saved time can be used for fulfilling their responsibilities towards their family and young ones.

Taking care of diet

Women can also achieve fitness just by making subtle changes in their diet. One must take meals on time and the food should be full of nutrition. Many times, women find it difficult to achieve desired results even after exercising religiously. This is because suitable changes have not been made in their diet. Balanced diet should be taken and calorie intake must be limited to1500 to 1800 calories for  an active woman. Though, this intake varies from woman to woman as every woman has different metabolism. Vegetables, fruits, dairy products etc must be taken so as to fulfil daily nutritional requirements.

Avoid Fitness Fads

Modern lifestyle has induced stress and several crash fitness fads to everybody. These days, women have become increasingly aware about the significance of fitness. This is the reason; many companies have come up with slimming pills, crash diet courses and many more offering fast results to achieve a nice figure. Women easily get carried away with such fads but many of these are just fads having no significance at all. Basic methods of exercising and fitness training are more than enough to get excellent results. Many women can exercise at homes as well. This way, they won’t have to stay away from the family for a long time.

Women and responsibilities go hand in hand and for maintaining a good health, a woman has to squeeze some time for herself. Take up this challenge and pass with flying colors!