Everyone loves enjoying the essence of honey and its sweet delicious taste is mouthwatering. Filled with the goodness of nutrients and antioxidants, honey is moreover used as toppings for diet and salads. Not just as the spread but this natural ingredient have many God-given gifts commencing your health, beauty and many other needs. So, considering its purity before purchase is ideal.

pure honey

Here are few easy steps to check the purity of Honey and know whether they’re pure or fake. You can even conduct the experiment in your home.

Thumb Test: To do this experiment, put a drop of honey in your thumb and check if it spreads or spill around. If it does, it is sure that the honey s impure because pure honey is so thick that it stays on your thumb.

Water Test: For this test, take a glass of water and add a tablespoon of honey. If the honey is artificial it will soon dissolve where else pure honey stays at the bottom of the glass.

Flame Test: Before the test, one must know that honey is flammable. This test makes you 100% clear in the idea. For this, take a matchstick and dip the opposite side with honey and light it up. If the honey is pure the matchstick will burn slightly. Well, if the honey is impure, the moisture in matchstick will cease the light.

Paper Test: put a drop of honey in a tissue paper. If it gets absorbed leaving a watermark or wetness, then it’s impure.

Honey purification test

Knowing this simple technique helps you get away from cheating honey-sellers. Keep your family healthy with organic and pure honey.