Top makeup items for girls

-Top make up items for girls
Every time you have an occasion do you scour through hundreds of various beauty products to look your best? You do not have to own hundreds of things to get that perfect look on a special occasion. Just a handful of makeup items would be more than enough for you to get that suave...

Tips to avoid your red lipstick from bleeding

Tips to avoid your red lipstick from bleeding
Bold Lip Colors are back in vogue. But to carry a bright red lip color one needs to care about the woes it brings along. It is but an instant turn off, if by any chance, the lipstick bleeds and forms an outer ring around the mouth, or worst even, it stains the teeth. Does...

6 Makeup Mistakes that Make you Look Tired

6 Makeup Mistakes that Make you Look Tired
Makeup when not applied properly makes you look sick and tired. There is a knack in applying makeup. It is better to get down to applying makeup knowing the mistakes that you can make rather that learning it firsthand. Here are the mistakes that make when applying makeup that makes us look like we haven’t...

5 Must-have Makeup for Teenagers

As teenagers we all were excited to use makeup. But then I’m sure most of our moms did not listen too favorably to our ideas on doing up our faces. The key to applying makeup as teenagers is to be minimalistic and allow the natural young glow to surface. Nothing can look more ghastly...

How to choose the right mascara for your eyes

How to choose the right mascara for your eyes
Eyes are the most attractive feature of a woman’s face. By adding make up and a little bit of accent to your eyes, you can attain a gorgeous look. When people look at someone, the first thing they tend to notice is their eyes. If you notice, on an average a person blinks the...

Food items that help your nails grow faster and stronger

10 Food items that promote growth of your nails
Let’s get this straight. Nails are not alive! As a matter of fact nails and hair are dead cells of our body. The growth that we actually see is that of our body pushing out the dead cells and tissue out of the cuticle to make room for new cells. Our diet reflects on our...

Get a healthy and beautiful smile with 7 easy steps

Do you want to have a beautiful yet healthy smile? Everybody wants a photogenic smile, as these smiles are natural. You look confident, just because of a simple smile. If you have a smiling face, people will like to know more about you. Just a simple smile, make you happy.Getting a beautiful smile is...

Precautions you need to take while getting a manicure done

Precautions need to take while getting manicure
Soft, beautiful hands surely add charm to your beauty. Manicure is necessary to maintain the softness and beauty of your hands. Many of us visit a spa or salon to perform this beauty treatment. However, some points need to be kept in mind. A Manicure is a treatment of cleansing and nourishing hands. It is...

Beauty Secrets of Celebrities Over 40

Beauty Secrets of Celebs over 40
Even if stars have numerous hair stylists and makeup artists at their service all the time, they still same the similar problems like us. Hair fall, thin hair, rough hair, wrinkles and dry patches etc. are some of the problems that even celebrities have to deal with. As per the law of nature, old...

7 Best Organic Lipsticks of 2015

A lot of people have started using organic natural lipsticks. I was wondering why this sudden shift until I stumbled upon the fact that apparently the ones that contain chemicals are harmful to our bodies and unsafe if consumed. Since lipsticks are always on our lips, we can never be sure of the fact that...

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