Special care for your dream veggie garden

Special care for your dream veggie garden
Planting a garden is a dream for many of us. If one has some space or a backyard of the house, then it becomes very easy to plant and grow veggies. Planting vegetables can be very useful as they can be utilized in the cooking and can be sold or shared with others. Vegetable...

10 Fun and Unusual Uses of Nail Polish

10 Fun and unusual uses of nail polish
Nail polish is a girl’s best friend. The uses of nail polish is not only restricted to painting them on your nails. You can find several uses of them right in your own home. 1. Seal envelopes If you envelops refuse to remain sealed after using glue, simply spread a little transparent polish on the edges...

How to buy the best cookware

How to buy the best cookware
Getting confused while selecting the right cookware? Oh… Really, it’s a very difficult task. But if you follow some standard guidelines, you can select the correct cookware to set in your kitchen. A wide array of branded cookware is available in the market to make your kitchen the best cooking place. The cookware set mainly...

5 Tips to Maintain your Freezer

5 Tips to Maintain your Freezer
Most of us tend to neglect our freezers. We actually get lazy. The thought of switching off the freezer, then emptying it and then the actual cleanup can take forever. But let me tell you that it is important to clean your freezer if you want your freezer to work efficiently and more importantly for...

Gardening with young kids is a real fun activity

Gardening with young kids a real fun activity for them and you too
Gardening activity is not just restricted to adults. It is a great fun when children are involved. Children are completely enthralled by planting and caring for the growth of their plants and watch them for weeks. Those children who could not focus for more than a minute on other jobs are completely engrossed in...

7 Risks Everyone Should Take in Home Decor

7 Risks everyone should take in Home Décor
It is not common for people to get wild in their home decor. Most of us feel it’s better to play it safe and stick to neutral shades, whether it is to pick a shade of the sofa or our wall color. But there are some decorating risks that one should take in their lifetime....

5 Fun Ways to Ice a Cake

Apart from the eating aspect, a cake appears deliciously mouth watering when the icing is done right. It is not only fun to relish the buttery cream but also to let your creativity run wild with the frosting. Moreover, it is also a chirpy way to spend time with your little one in between...

5 Ways to Make Cleaning Products Last Longer

5 Ways to Make Cleaning Products Last Longer
All of us have cabinets full of cleaning products. Some of these products seem to get over after just a couple of uses. With the recession and budget constrain we need to find ways to make things last longer. Here are a few ways in which we can make our cleaning products last longer than...

10 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Toddlers

10 Pumpkin decorating ideas for toddlers
Halloween is the time when families get together and do fun activities, one of these activities being pumpkin decorating. Toddlers cannot carve a pumpkin so it becomes essential to find some other alternative way to allow them to decorate their pumpkins. Here is a list of pumpkin decoration activities that I have put together. 1. Washi...

5 Ways to Make Cheap Flowers Look Expensive

5 Ways to Make Cheap Flowers Look Expensive
  Have you accidentally picked the wrong flowers that look cheap or have you picked the cheap flowers so that you don’t exceed your budget? Either way, there is scope for improvement. You can make these so called, ‘cheap flowers’ into something classy and elegant. 1. Use a fancy or expensive vase The flowers might be thrifty but...

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