4 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger
A lot of us live in matchbox size apartments. We all want our homes to appear larger than they actually are. So how do we actually manage to do this? 1. Curtains Curtains are a tricky accessory. If used right then they can create illusions the way you want. To give the illusion of longer walls,...

9 Inventive Recycled Pots

9 Inventive recycled pots
Are you fed up of buying the same old ceramic or mud pots? Do you want to add some life to your garden? Do you want to reflect your personality? Then there is no better way than to make your own pots.Not only can you make your own pots, you can make them from...

How to Make Nail Polish at Home

Have you often scouted the market for a shade of nail polish that matches your dress? Don’t fret. You can make the desired shade of nail polish with just a few simple ingredients. Here’s what you need: Eye shadow – of the desired color Sandwich bag Small mixing bowl Brush Clear nail polish How to make nail polish at home: If your eye...

5 Tips to Select a Sturdy Sofa

Every household has a sofa. The market is flooded with tons of sofas to choose from and the task can get quiet confusing. Some are only good to look at and won’t give any comfort if sat on. Others are not suitable for households that have toddlers as they can get spoilt easily. Here are...

Terrariums Natural Habitat for your Niche!

  Gardens are the best place to be at in any state of mind! Beautiful trees, creepers, blossoming flowers, birds chirping around, is a completely delightful sight to please your mind and soul. After spending long exhausting working hours at your workplace, a short walk in local parks or gardens can make you feel blissful...

7 Simplest Tips to Decorate Your Bathroom

7 Simplest Tips to Decorate Your Bathroom
A bathroom is an important place in a home just like any other room, so when it comes to decorating it then do not overlook the fact. This is because bathroom can be decor with different budget friendly materials and accessories. If you really want to secure stylish, lavish yet colorful and exotic look...

5 Things you should do before you Move in to a New Place

5 Things you should do before you move in to a new place
Shifting can be quiet a hassle. You have to shift all your stuff to the new place without forgetting anything and you also have to make sure the new place is ready for you to move in, especially if you have kids. Here are 5 things that can make the act of moving to a...

5 Tricks to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

5 Tricks to make fresh flowers last longer
Flowers are a great way to decorate a room. Apart from lending a great appearance to the room, they also give a wonderful fragrance that takes to another place altogether. Fresh flowers are great. But once they are cut to be used for improving the decor they lose their life. Fresh flowers will last for...

Top 10 gardening mistakes to avoid

Top 10 gardening mistakes to avoid
Everybody loves to have a garden of their own, small or big. The idea of taking a stroll in well maintained and manicured garden with multi colored flower beds, various plants and trees always proves enchanting. A simple guideline to all garden lovers is required, before they embark upon executing their gardening skills. Maintenance of...

Home organization tips

Home organization tips
You are reading this article means you are tired of clutter. You are not the only disorganized person in your neighborhood, almost each family has its struggles with clutter. No matter whether it is our home, car or purse- there is lots of stuff everywhere. Our garages, attics, closets, cabinets, cupboards and basements are...

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