Top 10 snacks to burn fat

You are reading this article means you want to say goodbye to fat. Well, you must have read what not to eat, but it is rather important to find out what you can eat. Eating healthy and nutritious diet can help you to maintain energy levels of your body and help to burn fat, which...

Some 10-minute workouts that bring your old curves back

Everyone loves to see a perfectly sculpted body and wish they could have the same. However, this desire remains the dream only for many of us. It is hard to maintain a fit and healthy body. A healthy diet along with proper exercise can make you get your old curves back. One has to...

How to burn calories while you are at office

burn calories while you are at office
Most of office workers spend an average of 8 hours a day, sitting at their desk as a part of their normal routine. To meet work deadlines, many people come early in the morning to the office and sit at the desk whole day. The constant sitting and inactivity slows down the metabolism, which...

Top 9 Safety Tips for Swimming Pool to have Risk-Free Swimming Experience

Top 9 Safety Tips for Swimming Pool
Swimming pool offers great fun and joy, especially during summer. The pool side is largely enjoyed by adults and children. But it can pose severe accidents and harmful incidents, and even death if proper precautions are not taken. So, to make the entire swimming experience more joyful and pleasing. it is better to follow...

What should you do to stay focused for a workout?

stay focused for a workout
Unwavering and focused approach towards workout! Every New Year, majority of people take a resolution to stay fit and healthy. They vow to workout every day, religiously without getting distracted by any other thing in their life. But, how many people are able to continue with this resolution? Studies indicate that almost 80-90 percent people...

5 tips to keep yourself motivated for your daily workout

keep yourself motivated for your daily workout
You are reading this means surely you have enrolled into a fitness regime and then have given up after a few months. Why it is so? Every one of us needs motivation to do a thing because we get bored of the same things slowly. So, what is the solution? Here are a few...

Gaining weight a challenge during teenage

Gaining weight a challenge during teenage
Being overweight as well as underweight are problematic issues faced by teenagers. These days, a lot of teens face the problem of being underweight. They try hard to gain weight and for this they indulge in a lot of activities. They get involved in gymming, exercising, swimming, weight lifting, dancing and many more. Looking...

How Important Is ‘Being Fit’ In Your 40’s

How Important Is ‘Being Fit’ In Your 40’s
Once you hit the 40's, apart from the ‘old’ jokes that come trickling in, you will also hear your doctors advising you to engage in some kind of exercise. The mid-life as it is commonly known, the fourth decade is a time when your body undergoes changes, hormonal or otherwise. Chances are, you’ll wake...

Five simple and time saving exercises for teenage girls

Five simple exercises for girls
Growing age is a very crucial age, especially for girls. Their bodies undergo various changes and they need proper diet, exercises and care to grow in a healthy, beautiful girl. Since teenage girls have a lot going on in their lives, time is of essence for them. Thus, they cannot spend a lot of...

Many Ways for Acquiring an Enviable Physique

Many Ways for Acquiring an Enviable Physique
Exercise is the best way to keep fit and make your body look and feel good. Many people loathe exercising thinking that they have to toil in the gym for hours to get that attractive physique possessed by celebrities and sports people. However, developing an enviable physique is more about consistency than the sheer...

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