The kitchen is regarded as the most functional area and also holy by women in India. Earlier, in the era of our grandmas, housewives had to spend many hours in the kitchen, maybe in front of the fire, cooking or cutting, slicing, cleaning and every other activity involved. They had to slog whole day and night to fill the stomachs of their large joint families. But, undoubtedly, their experiences turned them into veteran cooks and efficient home managers, though, non-salaried! And then, thankfully, they have imparted their skills and hacks to the younger generation.

Hence, for today’s fast and mechanical age, here are some incredible kitchen tips which are extraordinarily applicable, yet simple.

  1. Ripening Fruits In Collaboration With Uncooked Rice

This is one of the most common hacks, which maybe anyone of us must have utilized in a lifetime. However, for those who haven’t, you can leave some raw fruits like mango, guava, litchi or banana in a sack of uncooked rice overnight. You’ll be delighted to see them ripen and ready to eat the following day. In case of ripening a pineapple quickly, cut the steam part and crown of it and leave it upside down.

  1. Salt Hack

Salt forms the most important ingredient when it comes to preparing a dish. But what if your hard work turns out into an over salty preparation? Not to worry! Toss a potato and leave it to boil for a few minutes in the dish. It will soak up the salt. Also, while cooking beetroots, add salt in the final stage instead of at the beginning, for better results.

  1. Stale Turned Fresh Pizza

Instead of heating your leftover pizza in a microwave oven, if you reheat it in the pan you’ll get a fresher pizza.

  1. Cleaning Tips

Who hasn’t had a hand or finger cut while cleaning your mixer or blender? No more first-aid required. Pour diluted soap into it, just blend in pulse mode and then wash. Clean your sticky and oily pan, pot or any other utensil by adding some baking soda and water and boil for a few minutes.

  1. Fruit Hacks

Less effort can be invested to de-seed a pomegranate, if you cut it from the top into two pieces and press its skin outwards so that the seeds fall out easily. If you want to keep your citrus fruits like lemons, grapes, limes and oranges fresh for a longer time, better let them lie in room temperature than in the fridge.

  1. Better Cooking

By adding some sugar in your curry, you can keep the colour of the vegetables intact. Mixing some milk in a dish including cauliflower can help retain its colour. Of course, frozen butter and cheese is difficult to use and takes time to melt. So, cut them into tiny pieces and then use. It’ll melt faster and will be easy to spread. Rice cooking requires full attention so that it’s neither under nor over cooked. Hence, few drops of lemon juice or oil addition can prevent over cooking.

So, these are some of the most convenient methods or tricks that can save your time, enhance your cooking as well as keep your kitchen items clean and fresh. Do share your feedback and write back to us if you have more such tips in your kitty.